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How many times have we all bought something and never took the time to read the manual? I know we are ALL guilty of doing this. If you do this though when you buy a TASER C2 it could cost you your life.

If you have purchased a TASER C2 then it is very important that you know how to use it properly so you can have the best self defense possible. There are many things about a TASER you should know so you can use it effectively against an attacker. The first step,Guest Posting of course, is to read the directions and Owner's manual that came with the TASER you purchased. Also, most importantly, take the time to review the included Training DVD that comes with every TASER C2.


The TASER C2 model uses a Lithium battery cartridge that should provide enough power for about 50 firings. When you load the battery cartridge in the TASER make sure the magazine cartridge is not inside of the TASER. Load the battery cartridge into the TASER C2 and then reinsert the magazine cartridge. When the battery cartridge is in the TASER and has sufficient power, you will see a green light, which will notify you it, is working.


The next thing you need to do is load your air cartridges. Make sure the safety switch cover is closed and that the TASER is pointing in a safe direction. Remove the cartridge cover at the front of the C2 and insert the cartridge until you hear it click. That indicates it is locked in place. Just to make sure, gently pull on the sides of the cartridge. There is not an “up” or “down” on the air cartridges so you don’t have to worry about putting the cartridge in wrong. This is also a nice feature for when you are under any stress so you can reload quickly if needed. Each cartridge carries the probes, wire, and compressed air. Do not try to open these cartridges.


When you hold a TASER you hold it as you would a handgun, vertically. There is a safety switch cover that you open to expose the firing button. Do not fire at an attacker that is more then 15 feet away. That is the maximum range of the C2. All TASER C2 models, except one, have a laser-aiming device. When aiming at a target keep in mind that where ever you see the laser, that is where the top probe will approximately land. If your safety permits, try to avoid aiming at the face, neck, head or groin area.

The optimum shot from the TASER C2 is from seven to ten feet away from the attacker to achieve maximum effect. If you shoot your attacker from about 7 feet away this will result in a probe spread of about 1 foot. Try to aim for the trunk of the body. Always try to have at least a 4-inch spread of the probes. At seven to ten feet away - the spread of the probes will be approximately 16 inches.


You should always practice firing with a TASER C2 before you actually need to use it. You can practice across the room at targets to get the best feel for the C2. TASERS have little miniature barbs in them that will actually puncture the skin or penetrate clothing to send the electrical volts and wattage into the body. When you are ready to use a TASER C2, flip the safety switch to expose the firing button and you will see a light that will be the indicator that the gun is ready to fire.


There is also a stun capability backup on the TASER C2 called the Drive Stun Back Up. This means that if you just happen to run out of cartridges and you still need to disable an attacker you can approach the person and use the stun gun functionality. The TASER C2 has two stun gun electrodes that will allow you to depress the volts into the attacker's neck or other exposed body part and then make your escape.

As soon as your attacker is on the ground and incapacitated, place the TASER C2 on the ground and run away to a safe location. Do not try to retrieve your TASER C2. TASER International will replace your C2 if you send them a copy of the police report of your attack.

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