Thai women odded business beats the odds

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My Thai, Direct ... ... 3 year ... ... ... DE---May 1, 2003—My Thai, General ... a Delaware based direct importer which started ... May 1, 2000, off

My Thai,Guest Posting Direct Importers celebrates 3 year anniversary milestone.

Wilmington, DE---May 1, 2003—My Thai, General Partnership, a Delaware based direct importer which started operations May 1, 2000, offers quality handcrafted products Made-in-Thailand at affordable direct imported tax free Delaware prices. The style of My Thai’s hand woven silks, accessories, jewelry, handicrafts and gift items is an expression of both Traditional Thai Classical Crafts and modern innovative handmade items. Whether you have $2 or $200 in your pocket, enter My Thai’s 1000 square foot modernized Trolley Square showroom and you’ll be able to find something truly unique.

Starting from a card table and suitcase based in a 1 bedroom apartment 4 years ago My Thai was founded by Thai native and recent immigrant Uthairat Nunthaponpisut (26 years old at the time) and her American husband. With little business experience, no retail experience, o credit rating and no money My Thai started as a dream that various business consultants and non-profit community development counselors predicted less than a 10% chance of making through its first year in business. What those inaccurate predictions failed to account for was that for everything My Thai lacked it was compensated for by a surplus of vision, love and sheer determination.

Convincing relatives to front $30,000 in cash and co-sign a lease My Thai has gone from $0 to grossing just under $200,000 since opening for business. Debt free and profitable My Thai has defied the odds in the post 9/11 economy. My Thai’s success can be attributed to hand picked reasonably priced quality Traditional Thai Handicrafts, a Traditional American “Mom & Pop Store” business model and innovative, sometimes downright guerilla marketing tactics. My Thai is continuously campaigning online, via print, flyers, newsletters, community fairs, direct mail, PR, anything and everything, but more than anything else by word of mouth. My Thai simultaneously represents the balance of respect/beauty of Thai Culture and the fiercely Independent spirit of the American Dream.

My Thai owner and Generel Partner Uthairat Nunthaponpisut. Wilson was named a 2001 International Who's Who Business & Professional Woman Honoree by The American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, NC.

Honorees were chosen for making significant contributions to society. Uthairat was chosen for selecting alternative women made Thai products to resale in USA & working with women's groups in Thailand such as the BanHun's Village Housewife Weaving Association in rural Issan, Thailand to create an export market for their hand woven products thus reviving Delaware's lost Thai Silk importing heritage first started by Jim Thompson a Delaware native after World War II.

My Thai has been featured in numerous articles including

-Out & About Magazine December 2002

-Ultimate Guide to Delaware 2002 & 2003

-Wilmington's Brandywine Valley "Finest Tax Free Shopping List" January, 2002

-Visions Today, Style Fall 2001

-Delaware Today Magazine "An Old Thai to Delaware" September, 2001

-News Journal-Business May 23, 2001

-Art Matters, Philadelphia's Regional Art Magazine April 2001

-Delaware Today Magazine-Arts on the Town April 2001

-Prime Life March 2001 March 2001 reasures.html

-Expression, Boston March 2001 February, 2001

-Delaware Today Magazine January 2001

-The News Journal Sunday December 3, 2000

-Esperanto, IWC Newsletter September 2000

-Delaware Today Magazine-Arts on the Town September 2000

-Greenville Community News-Business News August 2000

-Also well as sponsoring "Del-Thai" Delaware's Thai Culture Newsletter

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