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The pottery items manufactured by her include Mugs and pottery of different designs, shapes and sizes.

Who has not heard of Emma Bridgewater pottery? Almost everyone in United Kingdom has heard about her and purchased her products for home decoration and household use. But how can home decoration be used with pottery at home?Home decoration also called Interior decoration is the art of decorating a home or a specific room to make it look good. For Interior decoration one can use things like painting,Guest Posting wall papers, lights, curtains, furniture and Pottery. Emma Bridgewater is a home decorator in United Kingdom, who makes pottery products. She got into pottery making while searching a gift for her mother one fine day.Emma Bridgewater is well known for her polka dot designs and specializes in pottery with motifs with expertise and traditional techniques. Her company is one of the largest pottery manufacturers in United Kingdom.The pottery items manufactured by her include Mugs and pottery of different designs, shapes and sizes. Some of the categories include Cocoa & 1 Pint Mugs, Baby Mugs, Teapots, Plates, Egg Cups, Butter Dishes and Cookware.Emma’s earthware pottery is handmade and people get to choose the shape they want for the pottery before picking up the unique patterns offered. There is also a melamine table which is tough and can be used in home decoration. Emma’s other home decoration concepts includes cutlery, stationery and other pottery types along with making specially personalized pieces of pottery to gift to friends and family for any event or birthdays or weddings.People who are regular customers of Emma Bridgewater pottery items mostly favor their mugs and its decorative design to keep them on display at their homes. The pottery items are affordable and are not costly for the general public to buy.Let’s look at some of the collections of Emma Bridgewater Pottery and Mugs.Mugs:· EMMA BRIDGEWATER HALF PINT MUG NGS DAISY· Emma Bridgewater Sampler Mini Mug Set· Polka Dot Set of 2 Boxed 1/2 Pint Mugs· Egg & Feather Baby Mug· Personalised Red Star 1 Pint Mug· Personalised Sampler Double Handled Mug· Union Jack 1 Pint Mug· Emma Bridgewater Black Labrador Mug · Emma Bridgewater Border terrier Mug· Coronation Two Handled Mug· Emma Bridgewater Farmyard Half Pint Mug· Emma Bridgewater Dachshund 1/2 Pint Mug· Emma Bridgewater Cowgirl Baby Mug· Poppy Baby Mug Nightingale 1/2 Pint Mug and others.Now that we have seen Mugs, Let us look at Emma’s Pottery ItemsPottery:· Emma Bridgewater blue hearts rare dip dish/tea light holder· Rare Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Glass Cream Jug· Emma Bridgewater polka dot teapot· Emma Bridgewater Kitchen Garden Storage Tin Sugar· Emma Bridgewater Toast & Marmalade 8.5" Plate *Old Back stamp*· Emma Bridgewater Serving Bowl· Emma Bridgewater Egg Cup· Emma Bridgewater Egg & Feather Lamp Small New· Emma Bridgewater Farmyard 10 1/2" Plate· Emma Bridgewater Farmyard French Bowl· Emma Bridgewater Cowboys and Cowgirls Baby Mug, Horse· Emma Bridgewater Joy Treacle Tin Candle· Emma Bridgewater Joy Baby Mug· Emma Bridgewater White Toast Baby Mug· Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Cocoa Mug· Emma Bridgewater Tulip 1/2 Pint Mug· Emma Bridgewater Hearts 1/2 Pint Mug· Farmyard Soup Plate 2013· Farmyard 10 1/2" Plate 2013· Egg & Feather Soup Plate· Blue Hen-Soup Plate· Blue Hen Baby Mug· Blue Hen 6 1/2" Plate· Cuckoo Maran 1/2 Pint Mug· Emma Bridgewater Cocker Spaniel Mug· Woodpecker 1/2 Pint Mug· Polka Dot Casserole Dish· Reversible Candle Stick Holder· Butter Pat (Red Tulip) by Nicholas Mosse· Heart Shaped PlateThese are some of the few items which are developed by Emma Bridgewater and her company. The variety and innovation that is bought out by her is the main reason that her products are in demand. On the top of it, all of her products are affordable.

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