The FTA’s Plan to Keep Britain Trading

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The FTA has announced a five-point plan for customs and border arrangements that should keep Britain’s haulage companies trading Post-Brexit. 

I’m sure the uncertainty of trading in Post-Brexit Britain is a concern for many haulage companies. Leaving the EU could mean that Britain will no longer be privy to Europe’s open borders. Unless the European customs regulations are met,Guest Posting goods could be heavily scrutinised at border control, causing shipments to be delayed.  Fear not, though, as the Freight Transport Association (FTA) announced a five-point plan for customs and border arrangements that will keep Britain trading during and after Brexit negotiations. They will help the transport and logistics industry stay competitive and ensure as few delays as possible.

What does this plan entail? James Hookham, the FTA’s Deputy Chief Executive highlighted five key issues that must be tackled.

Customs System to be Scaled Up

Brexit will cause an additional 300 million declarations to be made. To prevent these declarations from putting too much of a strain on the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight, the FTA has announced a need for this customs system to be scaled up by 2019.

Familiarisation with European Customs

If you have been use to open borders in Europe for the past 24 years, then you may be unacquainted with the European customs declarations and increasingly concerned about trading. There is no need to worry, however, as haulage companies, shippers and forwarders who are in this situation will be given a pre-defined grace period to allow them to familiarise themselves with the process.

Europe to Make Reciprocal Arrangements

Another concern for Post-Brexit Britain will be how to avoid shipment delays within Europe. While freight can be processed efficiently at the UK’s borders, it may be scrutinised at European borders. To avoid delays at all borders, other European countries must make reciprocal arrangements.

Enabling Digital Customs Declarations

This proposed online customs system would greatly benefit haulage companies. To prevent slow and time-consuming physical checks at borders that diminish your operations’ efficiency, the FTA has suggested that advanced digital customs declarations must be enabled. Did you know that being just an hour behind schedule adds £15,000 cost to the road haulage industry? Avoiding delays is absolutely crucial.

Phase in Process

This new process is to be phased in with no ‘cliff edge’. If you are concerned about the additional strain that this process could put on haulage companies, let me reassure you. The FTA has declared that progressively adopting the process will help minimalize the pressure put on transport operators’ systems, which they realise are already stretched to their limit.

Find Out More: Keeping Britain Trading Conference

Still concerned? Why not attend the FTA’s ‘Keep Britain Trading’ Conference? Held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster on Wednesday, March 15th, entrance is just £295 + VAT for members or £395 + VAT for non-members.

The conference will be a valuable investment in time for managers of those haulage companies who are seeking further insight into the implications of new customs rules and trade procedures that will be put in place. 

Industry experts will debate and examine the effects that leaving the EU will have on the freight sector. You’ll also be able to express your response to the government’s five key issues listed above. Buy tickets now and make sure you don’t miss out!







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