The Importance of Creating the Right Environment for Your Business Success

Sep 19


Susan L Reid

Susan L Reid

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What is the right environment for your business success? Do you like to work in a relaxed, calm environment, or a more interactive, exciting setting? There are probably environments you can put up with, but have you ever thought about what environment is optimal for success? Most of us haven’t. Instead, we’ve learned to adapt to less-than-favorable conditions, blaming sagging energy, body aches, and decreased productivity on other factors.


What kind of environment is the right environment for your business success? Are you someone who likes to work in a relaxed,The Importance of Creating the Right Environment for Your Business Success Articles calm, quiet environment, or someone who likes a more interactive, invigorating, exciting environment?

There is probably a range of environments you can put up with and get by in. But, have you ever thought about what kind of environment is optimal if you want to create success? Most of us haven't thought about how our environment affects our business success. Instead, we've learned to adapt to less-than-favorable conditions, blaming our sagging energy, increased body aches, and decreased productivity on other factors.

The Effects of a Negative Environment

Psychologists and industrial engineers have long reported that a negative work environment adversely affects our health, sleep habits, interactions with people, sex life, tolerance levels, ability to cope, and ability to process new information.

The longer we are exposed to a negative environment, the more our productivity and success decrease. It also takes its toll on our psychological, emotional, and physiological well-being.

The problem is that researchers have not been able to come up with a single work environment that is best for everyone. Human beings are such a complex, multifaceted group. It is impossible to take into account everyone's changing needs to create a work environment that is ideal for every individual.

Whether you work from the comfort of your home as a solo preneur or go to work in an office building, it's up to you to create the perfect environment for your business success. If not, you will find yourself gulping for air.

Are You Gulping For Air?

I have a small pond in my back yard. It's a modest pond, home to five gold fish, two shubunkins, and two koi, Jack and Casper. It's a peaceful little pond where birds and deer come to drink and neighborhood cats come with high hopes. There are benches nearby for quiet reflection, and the beauty of nature surrounds.

Not too long ago, the pond wasn't so peaceful. We were in the middle of a heat wave when I went out to feed my fish. Much to my surprise and alarm, all the fish were at the surface of the pond bunched together and gulping for air. I could see they were in distress, though I didn't know why. Until . . . I dipped my hand into the pond and felt the temperature of the water. It was very warm.

I immediately flew into action and began pumping warm water out of the top of the pond while simultaneously adding cold water to it. Within a couple of hours the water temperature had stabilized and my fish were back to swimming tranquilly around the pond.

When you are working in an environment that is detrimental to you, you soon end up like my fish on that hot day. You end up gulping for air. Gulping for air leaves us exhausted, depleted, and in desperate need of relief. We've all had times when we have felt as if we were just barely making it, scarcely holding it all together, and stressed beyond our limit.

Are you gulping for air? Here are some ways to know.

Top 10 Ways to Tell If You Are Gulping For Air

1. You're too busy for your family and friends.

2. You do a lot of explaining about why you are so busy.

3. You find yourself just trying to keep your head above water.

4. You're feeling unheard, misunderstood, and devalued.

5. You're feeling overwhelmed.

6. You're caught up in the drama of your business.

7. You're still at work in your head after you've physically left your office.

8. You're making do by making excuses.

9. You're not sleeping, exercising, or eating to your benefit.

10. You're emotionally maxed out.

What do you do if you find yourself gulping for air?

3 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Environment

1. The first thing to do is acknowledge where you are.

2. The second is to create some space to move around. Whether that be actual physical space (like taking a walk) or psychological and emotional space (such as meditating, journaling, or reading a book for pleasure), it's important to create space.

3. Next, go within and ask, "What environment is in my highest good and greatest well-being right now?" This one question will open up even more space for you to begin creating the perfect environment for your personality, needs and goals.

You will know what that right environment is because in it you will feel expansive, open, allowing, and inviting. You will feel as if you have plenty of room to explore, maneuver, and swim around. You will have time for family, friends, and for yourself. You will thrive, flourish, and prosper.

Why merely put up with or get by in your environment? Instead, stop gulping air and focus on creating just the right environment for your business success.