The missing link to your business success

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The missing link to your business ... art of making money, and make no mistake about it, it is an art, is ... with problem solving. Consider this ... is ... with a great o

The missing link to your business success

The art of making money,Guest Posting and make no mistake about it, it is an art, is synonymous with problem solving. Consider this scenario:

Bob is presented with a great opportunity. He hears the testimonials of others already making money in the business. He likes the products and believes the company is trustworthy and has an excellent potential for growth. Before long Bob starts telling himself, “I can do this.” He is excited. He joins. But this is not a “he lives happily ever after story.”

Actually the moment Bob signed on the dotted line and joined the business he put himself in a position to solve some problems. As the story continues, Bob is still excited about the prospects of his new business opportunity. There he goes… attempting to sell the company’s product. He gets rejection after rejection. He tries a different approach. Still no success. The excitement is starting to wind down. He is no longer sure if he made the right decision. In fact, he starts second guessing himself more than ever. Doubt creeps in. The months pass and still no progress. Finally, Bob realizes this thing isn’t going to work. He quits and tries to forget he ever spent his time and money trying such a ridicules idea.

To many of us this sounds very familiar. Again, the art of making money is synonymous with problem solving. There is one reality you must take with you from reading this article, and it’s a gold mine so pay close attention. In every business there are going be problems which you are going to have to solve. If there were no problems, there would be no business. The good news is that the better you get at solving problems, the more money you will make.

In Bob’s case, the problem was ineffective marketing. Could Bob have found a solution? Absolutely. But instead he quit. Now guess what, anywhere Bob goes he will be faced with the dilemma of having to solve problems. In fact, even if Bob gave up his dream to be his own boss and started working for someone else, he still has to solve problems. Every job, in every company in the world is geared toward solving a problem. The major difference is that while working for someone else the person may get a heads up on a few solutions for his job. The other side of the coin is that no matter how many problems Bob solves for his job, most likely his pay will not reflect his problem solving skills. Only by owning, operating and solving your own problems can a person reap the rewards of amassing wealth.

Now the million dollar question is, exactly how do we go about solving these inevitable problems? The solution I offer you is “concentrated focus.” Concentrated focus is a systematic and consistent focus toward the solution of a problem until the issue is resolved. The six guidelines below will help you put in place concentrated focus and therefore give you the ability to destroy any problem you may encounter.
·Realize there is no problem that does not have a solution. This is a major key to getting the most out of yourself. If you start with the belief that every problem has a solution, then the power of expectation will assist you in finding the ideal solution.
·State and write down the problem clearing. Be specific. Narrow the problem down to its least possible denominator. By breaking the problem down into smaller parts you facilitate the process of finding solutions.
·Analyze the problem from all angles. Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, look at the problem itself from different angles. In Bob’s case, maybe the problem to his marketing was that he wasn’t targeting the right consumers. Maybe he wasn’t consistent in his exposure. Or his message was not appropriate. There are different angles that could be addressed for the same “marketing” problem.
·Unleash your creativity. You’ve stated and wrote down the problem. You’ve broken it down, analyzed it and found several angles you can work from. Now unleash your creativity and begin the solution process. Be uninhibited in this process. Sometimes the craziest ideas bring on the best solutions. While in this creativity phase, think about grouping things together. Let your creativity soar by matching things together. For instance in Bob’s case, he may have to narrow his target market, to which he sends out a direct mail piece and follows up 7 days later with another more compelling sales letter. Grouping solutions is the key to solving problems quickly and elegantly.
·Review your results. Adjust if necessary, but never ever give up on finding the solution. Remember that just one small adjustment can open the floodgates to success.
·Always keep in mind the rewards you will attain for conquering an obstacle will surpass the effort you will put out. Decide that you are bigger and stronger than anything that can stand in your way. Know in advance that you will succeed and you will.

Wealth is drawn to those that are problem solvers. Start immediately enjoying the process. Get good at eliminating obstacles in your business and you will have the missing link to your business success.

Michael S. Martinez is a freelance writer who has been featured in Home Business Magazines, Cutting Edge Opportunities and others. He is also the author of “The Mind Mastery Course.”

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