Pressed for Time? Try Stock Mandrel Bends

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This article is written as a guide to help you when thinking of adding mandrel bends to you vehicles exhaust system.

     Taking advantage of custom work for performance vehicle building can help bring increased quality and value to vehicles themselves,Guest Posting and can be a pleasant experience for builders. But in some cases, the need for fast turnaround or simple convenience may preclude custom ordering options, and purchasing stock items may be preferable. Mandrel bends in particular are capable of supporting extraordinary custom exhaust systems, but there are also many popular angles and configurations made with mandrel bends that can be found on a standard stock basis. Shops with considerable experience in the production and sale of mandrel bends are likely to carry a wide selection of pre-made mandrel bends, and a great stock can actually be a useful indication of a qualified, quality-driven parts and service shop.

     Standard mandrel bends are typically available in a handful of specific angles, with the most popular being simple 45, 90, and 180 degree bends. Mandrels may also be found in more specialized 180 degree "J" styles and 180 degree "J" bends with an additional 45 degree bend at the top. This range of configurations is likely to suit the needs of most custom builders, and can be used to create a nice variety of exhaust layouts and designs. Worthwhile shops should also offer mandrel bends in different materials, such as mild steel and quality stainless. Rarer materials, such as specialized alloys, may also be found, though such materials are often reserved for custom work.

     Mandrel bends pulled off the shelf rather than purchased fresh from the workbench should be of the same quality and structural integrity as custom-bent pieces. While customization allows for a greater number of options, the basic efficiency-boosting features of the mandrel bend should always be present, no matter when or where the pipe was modified. Shops that stand by their stock mandrel bends just as they stand by their custom-ordered pieces can typically be trusted to provide bends that don't cut corners on quality. For some performance vehicle enthusiasts, ordering custom work is absolutely essential, whereas for others, it's an occasional perk that's reserved for only certain parts of the vehicle's physical construction. When ordering custom-built exhaust system piping simply isn't on the menu, a shop that carries a great stock of standard mandrel bends can save vehicle builders considerable time and money.

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