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When we talk about real estate properties, Mumbai is the first city that comes to the mind in terms of lifestyle, standard of living, occupation and dwelling.

 The city has shelter for both poor and rich alike. Be it small 1room kitchen apartments or lavish duplexes,Guest Posting the city houses all. Since last few years, the prices of residential properties in Mumbai have been skyrocketing. This has led the rise of suburban areas around Mumbai. One such area is Navi Mumbai, where residential properties are relatively cheaper than the main city.

Some places that have emerged as residential haven in Navi Mumbai are Vashi, KoparKhairane, Kalamboli and Panvel. Real Estate in Vashi in particular has seen a surge owning to its nearness to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. According to industry reports, the area has seen a constant risein the residential property value in the last decade. Property in Vashi vary in their square feet prices, depending upon the locationand the amenities offered. Even the rental rates have seen improvement in the area.

Residential properties in Vashi for sale are available in a range of INR 10,000-11,000 per square feet. This has made the locality the target of many real estate developers and builders. The area has certainly solved the space crunch of the man city. A number of multinational companies and corporate giantshave opened their gates in Navi Mumbai, which has made the area brimming with 2BHK residential apartments in Vashi. The area has generated newer job opportunities for families and bachelor’s alike leading to many of them selling in the locality for easy conveyance. Vashi is well connected with railroad lines, making transportation an ease. A good physical and social infrastructure has made the area a hotspot for real estate investment.

Individuals who are not considering buying property in Vashi yet can look for rental properties. The rental rates of the area vary between INR 18,000-30,000 for 2bhk residential apartments in Vashi. Construction of new buildings has increased the market value of the area making it a valid reason for investors and homebuyers alike to buy a property in the area.

Seeing the broader scope of investment in Navi Mumbai, NRIs are also considering investing in Vashi as their second home and making it a potential real estate investment zone. Even commercial properties in Vashi have seen a surge, which has made it a hotbed for NRI investment. Availing a property in Vashi can prove to be a smart move now as the property prices have relaxed a little and new builders are coming up with affordable residential properties in Vashi for sale. Thus, it can be concluded that as far as affordable residential units are concerned for sale or for rental purposes, real estate in Vashi is the answer if you are on a budget and yet want to own a house in Mumbai.

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