Top 3 Fundraising Companies for Nonprofit Organizations

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Fundraising is incredibly important to schools, churches, and other nonprofit organizations across the country. See which companies your organization should work with for their next fundraiser in order to achieve sure success.

Fundraising companies have helped raise billions of dollars for nonprofit organizations in the past few years,Guest Posting using a variety of different fundraising events and programs. School, church, and nonprofit fundraisers have been incredibly successful when working with some of these companies.


Fundraising for your nonprofit organization is incredibly important for its survival. Be sure to work with a well-known fundraising company to achieve the best results. Following are some of the top charity fundraising companies in the industry and their top fundraiser.


1)   GivingJOE – GivingJOE is an online fundraising company that helps nonprofit organizations earn money each time their members shop online. This fundraiser is completely free for organizations to sign up for, and shoppers to use. Online fundraising involves three simple steps.


1)   Shopper must go to an online fundraising website

2)   Choose the organization they wish to support

3)   Choose from hundreds of online merchants to shop from


After a purchase is made, a donation is sent to the selected organization. Shoppers can find great savings by shopping online including free shipping and other bundle offers. GivingJOE also offers a program no other fundraising company is doing, which allows shoppers to earn a percent of their purchase for themselves.


This is one of the most popular fundraising ideas nonprofit organizations are utilizing and GivingJOE is among the top fundraising companies in this industry.


2)   ABC Fundraising – Cookie dough fundraisers are an idea many top fundraising companies recommend, but none do it better than ABC Fundraising. This easy fundraising idea allows organizations to earn up to 80% profits with little up front costs. ABC’s cookie dough fundraiser is much more effective than many other fundraising companies, because they provide the materials needed to conduct the event with very little costs.


Cookie dough fundraising is incredibly popular around schools and churches, so next time you plan on hosting one, be sure to use the ABC Fundraising program. ABC Fundraising also offers other programs like product sales, scratch cards, and many more fundraisers.


3)   QSP – Magazine fundraisers have become incredibly effective for schools and nonprofit organizations.  QSP is the leading fundraising company in this industry. To date they have helped raise over $3 Billion for school fundraisers.


Magazine fundraising is very simple. For each magazine subscription sold, your school or organization will receive a donation. This is very effective in the fact that most people across the country already subscribe to magazines annually. QSP provides organizations with all the tools necessary to succeed in creating a very effective fundraiser.


      4)              Funding Factory – Funding Factory is a fundraising company that allows people to raise money by recycling old cell phones, laptops, and printer cartridges. Funding Factory’s recycling fundraisers are great for schools and churches. While the earnings from this fundraising company aren’t very substantial, it’s a great way for people to support the environment while raising money.


Those are some of the top charity fundraising companies in the industry. Next time your organization is in need of fundraising be sure to work with one of these fundraising companies and your organization is guaranteed sure success.

Signing up for online fundraising is simple and free get started today. 

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