Top 5 CapActix Blog of 2019 That You Should Revisit Once Again

Feb 24




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On the dawn of 2020, let’s revisit some of the glorious CapActix blogs that have made your last year lots more informative and interesting. Let’s say goodbye to 2019 by reading showstopper 5 blogs.


It’s once again that time of the year when everyone slows down for a moment and look back to analyze their performance in the last year. Yep,Top 5 CapActix Blog of 2019 That You Should Revisit Once Again  Articles the last few days of the year is a perfect opportunity for professionals to analyze the growth that they have made in the last year and ensure that whether they can achieve their goals or not.

As 2020 is about to knock at our doorsteps and 2019 is leaving behind so this is a great opportunity for everyone to evaluate their growth in the last year. At CapActix, we take our progress and plans very seriously, and we have curated numerous blogs and social media posts to share our financial tips and guides with our audiences throughout the year. With our blogs, we aim to share meaningful information with the readers and in 2019 - we shared an array of informative blogs on social media.

In our yearly evaluation, we have found some masterpieces that have been appreciated by CapActix readers a lot. So, before the dawn of 2020, we would like to take our readers back to memory lane and revisit the 5 most popular blogs that have helped our clients the most.

Top Blog Chart of 2019

If you want to learn something valuable to uplift the growth of your accounting business in 2020, then you have to start by reading these 5 blogs on a priority basis.

  1. Procedure to Hire Offshore Tax Team for Tax Season 2020

Tax season is a very busy and important time for a CPA firm. It is a crucial period that needs to be thoroughly planned in advance. For CPA firms, it is important to map out how they are going to make their business profitable in tax season 2020. So, all the accounting firms who have taken the smart route of making their tax season successful by hiring an offshore tax team to help them out - it is vital to understand the steps to hire offshore tax preparation staff.

There are multiple layers involved in hiring the perfect tax team and smoothly run the operations that can be unveiled by reading about the step by step procedure to hire the offshore tax team in detail. -

  1. Importance of Building Modern Accounting Firms Using Remote Staffing

In 2020, if you want to make your accounting business talk of the town, then you have to modernize it using the new accounting trends. One of the most prominent trends followed by modern accounting firms - remote staffing. The remote staffing offers multiple benefits to modern accounting firms that they can’t achieve using the traditional methods such as cost efficiency, manpower versatility, effective business growth and so much more. It is becoming highly important for accounting firms to use the services of remote staff to stay ahead of the time.

If you are not sure about modernizing your accounting firm with the help of remote staff, then you have to consider the importance that you can gain by using this system to bring a modern touch to your business. -

  1. 10 Benefits of Automating your Business with an Online Bookkeeping Services

Automation is the new business model that gives extra speed to your business. Similarly, accounting business organizations can fuel up their business growth by making bookkeeping services automated. Bookkeeping is one of the important accounting operations, but it takes lots of time and effort to complete this work. So, if automated bookkeeping services are used by companies, then they can save lots of time for their professional accounting staff. And, they can use spare time to manage other important aspects of the business.

There are plenty of benefits can be derived from the automated bookkeeping system, but ten popular ones are broadly highlighted in the post. -

  1. Year-end Accounting Services Checklist for CPA Firms

Year-end accounting services are performed by CPAs to formulate a yearly analysis of the business and assess the growth of a company. Moreover, in some cases, it is mandatory to prepare a year-end report. So, once again CPA firms have to be fully prepared to provide the flawless year-end services to their clients and for this, they have to train their staff and update their accounting tools. Plus, they have to hire a remote company to smoothly accomplish year-end services operation.

There’s a complete checklist is prepared for the CPA firms that they can utilize to ensure the preparation level of their year-end services in detail. -

  1. What is a better option for CPA Firms in the USA to increase their Capacity? – Remote Staffing or Local Staffing

For CPA firms located in the US, it is a crucial decision to make whether they should stick with their local staff or hire remote staff. Both solutions have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that makes the decision even harder. However, if we consider all the internal and external factors carefully, then remote staffing will be considered as a better option. Remote staffing enables CPAs to hire the services of professionals at affordable rates, increased productivity, improved efficiency and much more.

To deeply understand the difference between remote and local staffing, you have to check out the comparative analysis of both. -

A Very Happy New Year

Well, these are some of the popular CapActix blogs that have motivated and encouraged us all year. We wish you a very happy new year and hope your next year will be even more prosperous as we are going to share lots of information in 2020 also so keep a keen eye on our social media platforms.