Top Performance Engineering Techniques For Better Result

Feb 24




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The article explains the top 12 techniques and methods of Performance Engineering that actual works


Performance tests produce a sea of data that can be overwhelming to analyze. Fortunately,Top Performance Engineering Techniques For Better Result Articles there are a few methodical practices you can use to do this efficiently.

Performance engineering is one of the most prime aspects that has been gaining some massive momentum currently. Performance and load testing is a lethal combination that is known to be producing some massive data that is extremely difficult to decipher. Performance engineering is in singularity powerful enough to outperform this combination as well. Now, with DevOps in optimum usage, it is the best time to put more focus on performance engineering.

Now in day's performance engineering produce a high amount of result because performance engineering runs the test in multiple complex modules to understand the application stability and compatibility. performance engineering creates an easy way for both developers and testers to design a suitable environment and find out the potential solution.

As a part of the top mobile app testing company, First I consider move from performance testing to performance engineering today It will help you to connect with the technological world. Before getting to the core intricacies and trends of performance engineering, let us first get to the basics of performance engineering:

What Is Performance Engineering is the techniques?

To ensure the non-functional needs of system Performance Engineering is the Process which is preferred while doing development it includes lots of things such as throughput, memory usage, battery usages, etc. The main goal of Performance testing is to meet the non-functional needs of the system.

Let's see the What is the difference between Performance Testing and performance engineering

Performance Testing

  • Performance testing is concerned about the load-bearing capacity of the software
  • Performance testing is concerned about the stress testing
  • This arena of testing is more tilted towards knowing the endurance and volume outputs

Performance Engineering

  • Performance engineering is concerned about the application diagnosis and the application's aftermath performance
  • Performance engineering is inclined towards the database diagnosis
  • This arena of testing is more about the infrastructure diagnosis and how to better implement the build of the software

Top Performance Engineering Techniques For Better Result

  1. Try To Reduce the overall number of transactions
  2. Focus on Reproduce result
  3. Create a unique strategy for load testing
  4. Consider KPI trends
  5. Improve Application Quality
  6. Consider tier Based Transactions
  7. Analysis KPIs
  8. Improve visualization
  9. Analysis Metrics of Success
  10. Hire Suitable performance engineering team
  11. Add technology
  12. Define your professional environment

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