38th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

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38th World Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (WCASET 2021) organized by Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) which will be held in Manila, Philippines on 27th & 28th October 2021

WCASET is the leading academic and Industry gathering for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the field of Applied science,Guest Posting Engineering and Technology. As WCASET continues to increase in quality and prestige and will explore the new horizon of innovations from distinguished researchers, scientists, and eminent authors in academia and industry working for the advancements from all over the world.


Applied Science









Earth Sciences




Soil & Waste Management



Environmental chemistry



Life sciences


Veterinary Science


Engineering and Technology

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Optical Engineering

Power Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Acoustical Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Thermal Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering

Food Engineering

Aquaculture Engineering

Applied Engineering

Automation/Control Systems/Robotics

Computer-aided Drawing & Design (CADD)

Civil Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Energy Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Textile Engineering

Nano Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Built Environment Studies

Environment Engineering


Business Management Studies

Business Law & Ethics

Business Research Methods & Teaching-related Issues

Growth & Innovation

Small business Management

Management Science & Strategic

Operational, Production Management

International Business & Management

Innovative Business Models & Organizational change

Consumer Behavior & Marketing

Information Science and Technology & Business Information System

IT Governance & E-Business

Sustainable Development & Resource Management

Capital resources & Financing Entrepreneurship

Human Resources & Healthcare Management

Human Resources Management & Education

Public administration & Regional Development

Rural Development & Agribusiness

SME Development

Tourism & Hospitality

Economic Development & Globalization

Sustainable Development & Business

Development Research & Method

Business, Comparative Advantages & Developing

International Migration & Development

Natural Resources & Security

Environment Limits to Economic Development

Any Other related areas pertaining to any issue which is related such as finance, accounting, banking, management, marketing, human resource, legal, information technology and religious perspectives. Business informatics, Accounting


Education and Technology

Education, Teaching, and E-learning

Education and Teaching

Distance Education

Higher Education

Effective Teaching Pedagogies

Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes

Emerging Technologies

Educational Management

Competitive Skills

Continuing Education

Transferring Disciplines

Imaginative Education

Language Education

Geographical Education

Health Education

Home Education

Science Education

Secondary Education

Second Life Educators

Social Studies Education

Special Education


Educational Technology

Educational Games and Software

ICT Education


Internet technologies

Accessibility to Disabled Users

Animation, 3D, and Web 3D Applications

Mobile Applications and Learning (M-learning)

Virtual Learning Environments

Videos for Learning and Educational Multimedia

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