Traits of a good leader

Mar 7


Annetta Powell

Annetta Powell

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Some people think that a good leader can be created,Traits of a good leader Articles that anyone can be made to be a good leader. However other people believe that being a good leader is something that just comes naturally to a person. The most common belief is that anyone can be a good leader but to be a great leader is something that can’t be taught. It takes a certain kind of personality and a certain type of mentality; these are things that can’t be learnt.


In order for someone to be a good leader they must be able to be trusted, if they can’t then they won’t be able to be a good leader to those around them. A leader often times leads by example and if they aren’t a good trustworthy leader then the people that they are leading will follow the example of the leader and it won’t be a good one. If you want a good leader then you will need someone that is confident in what they can do without being cocky. If someone is cocky then they are more likely to make those that they are working with feel inadequate and that will only create problems within your company.


If you want someone that will set a good example and can lead others you need someone that is passionate about what they do. They need to care and want to do their best at their job. If the leader is this way then there is more of a chance that the others will follow this lead and they will also become passionate about what they do. The leader must also always want to be the best and do the best. This does not mean that they need to make sure that they are going to be competitive and make others feel bad, it just means that they will want to do the best job they can and set a good example for others.


Thinking in a logical way is also an important quality for a leader. They need to be able to think about the big picture even when something either goes wrong or something is not an idea that they like. They need to be able to think about things in an impartial way that can yield the best results; if they can’t do this then they cannot effectively manage a project. They also need to be able to stay calm, if something goes incredibly wrong then they need to be able to think about it and figure out a solution instead of panicking. In the business world there will be something that is sure to go wrong at one point or another and the leader must be able to handle these situations in a calm and mature manner. It can be very hard to find a good leader and it can be even harder to keep one, but if you find someone that has all of these qualities then you need to make sure that you hang onto them and do whatever you can to keep them as a part of your business. For more information on traits of a good leader, please visit my blog at   See you there!




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