Wash Shampoo: Pampering your hair

Feb 20


Paramjeet Singh

Paramjeet Singh

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If you always carry a ready to go look, trust me it is because you are blessed with awesome hair. Hair are one natural ornament which makes our look complete.


It has been observed that despite of lots of care our hair go dull and dead at times.

Hairs are made up of protein,Wash Shampoo: Pampering your hair Articles which require care & nourishment. Having good hair is a sign of healthy scalp also. Cleansing your hair adds up to the health of your hairs. There are various factors affecting your hair’s health. One of such factors is shampoo.

Shampoo & hair care:

For healthy hairs use of an effective shampoo is a must. Shampoos not only are a washing agent, but it also provides nourishment to your hair. Choosing right shampoo for your hair type is very important as it will give you best and instant result.

There are various types of shampoos available in the market. Be it dry hair or silky smooth, you have a variety of shampoos available. They range in various fragrances; various hair types & compositions. There are three basic types of shampoos:
•    Dry Shampoo
•    Keratin Shampoo/ Fortifying shampoo
•    Clarifying shampoo

1.    Dry Shampoo- This shampoo clears dirt, products residue and oil from your hair. It also provides you added texture. It is best for color treated hair, as it helps in eliminating dryness that is caused due to chemical exposure. This is a must in every bathroom.

2.    Keratin Shampoo/ Fortifying shampoo- This shampoo cleans the hair and also treat them for loss or damages. They add up the proteins to your hairs. Keratin is a type of protein which is a natural protein found in hairs. Keratin Shampoo/ Fortifying shampoo provides your hair with an extra dose of Keratin. These shampoos are more effective on curly or frizzy hairs.

3.    Clarifying Shampoo: It helps in cleaning the extra build up in your hair. The hair becomes dead and heavy due to residuals of styling products, dirt, wax, etc. Clarifying shampoo cleanses your hairs or them.

Wash Shampoo: Min New York

One of such marvelous and effective shampoo is Wash Shampoo from Min New York. Second step to the Min New York's Active Hair Care Cleansing System, this shampoo helps you in forming healthy hair & a healthy scalp. It is a paraben & sulphate free Shampoo that provides nourishments to your scalp.

It is a mild, gentle solution which provides you clean and fresh hair and the best part is that it does not contain any color. It cleanses your hair in a natural way & helps you grow healthy hair.

There are various factors responsible for untimely damage of our hair. Stress, tension, Pollution and at times genetics play major role as a damage agent. Young persons are experiencing hair loss. The main reason of hair loss is DHT. Dihydrotestostorone also known as DHT accumulates in the roots of hair, causing thinning of the hair. This thinning leads to follicle asphyxiated and ultimately hair loss occurs.

If you are already a victim of hair loss Wash Shampoo is the best solution for your hair. Try it and see the difference.