What is Quality?

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What makes our live quality, how to meassure quality?

Analyzing the meaning of the word,Guest Posting we see that it is mixed. It can be seen for the use of the word in context. First, when it is used for household language, quite another when it is used by scientists or practice in dealing with quality issues.
When we hear words of high-quality product, imagine extremely well produced, excellent product. In older times, product quality was considered good to meet the standards. However, the standards are deficient, rapidly becoming obsolete, is drawn up of people with their views. This quality of understanding about the market conditions.
Figure out what quality is and how it can be identified, there is a very important issue - how to ensure a high level of service and product quality.
In order to ensure a high quality, all the companies must comply with the quality strategy. In particular, it ensures a certain philosophy of the installation.
The strategy is - a priority for customers who are the quality criteria. This means that any decision must take into account the client's needs.
Effective quality management is important that the processes of concentration. Process can be identified with any organized activity. Output or service quality depends on the individual processes and their interactions.


,, Rolls Royce is a good car and that,, Citroen 2 CV – not so good. The specialist performing the following automotive quality analysis, the eyes, both cars can be of high quality products. It may be that, Rolls Royce, "it looks worse than the quality of the product,, Citroen 2 CV, if in motion, Rolls Royce, and, Citroen 2 CV will crack, crack, knock. From,, Rolls Royce, "no one would not expect this, but,, Citroen 2 CV is clearly disappointing, if they are going softly, beautifully, and so on. It is therefore necessary for the quality of the project (called Quality of Design) from the quality and eligibility of the project (called quality of conformance to specification). In the first case meant the planned quality of the second case - the construction quality.

When it comes to quality, quality diversity, deterioration of the quality improvement in the quality of thinking about the draft. This kind of quality differences between 'Rolls Royce' and 'Citroen manufacturer's plan to meet the needs of the user. As regards quality assurance, is meant not the significance of which is used in household speech.
Quality - is a philosophical category. It is believed that Aristotle first analyzed the quality of the third century before our era, Hegel later nineteenth century and others.

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