When Is the Right Time to Replace Old Kitchen Equipment?

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Every equipment we used commercially or for personal use has a certain period of life span after that period it needs to be replaced or need proper services, especially for the kitchen equipment.

Imagine a day at your restaurant,Guest Posting if your prized kitchen equipment fails at the peak hour of the day and you don’t know how to handle the mess? Nobody wants to have that experience at all. Undoubtedly regular repair and upkeep of equipment give them a long lease of life but to avoid facing such a horrific situation, it's best to take warning signs from old appliances replace them with more advanced equipment for enhanced restaurant performance. According to experts of commercial restaurant Miami, the real benefit lies in knowing the best time to retire old ones for new ones:


  1. Equipment has surpassed average life expectancy: Every equipment has an expiry date associated with it. Whether it’s your oven, grill, microwave or any other equipment indispensable to a restaurant kitchen, the life span of each equipment is fixed. So if you are facing regular breakdown and putting in more money then it means your appliance has seen better days and now it needs to be substituted with a new
  2. Abnormal Functioning of Equipment: In spite of spending the entire maintenance fund on the appliance and using it with utter care, if it still doesn’t run effectively, then it’s important to replace it.  After all rust, moisture and electric power all contribute towards the deterioration of appliances. Besides, it’s unnecessary if you end up paying more in utility bill in comparison to purchasing a new unit. These days equipment comes with Lifecycle and energy cost indicators that explain how much can you save with a new piece of equipment. 
  1. Safety concerns: Old and worn-out gadgets are also susceptible to fire or other accidents due to electric sparks. Owning an appliance experiencing electrical problems shifts concern away from expense incurred on the new ones and closer to you and your family’s safety. Apart from fire, rust ridden or loose wires can give you electric shocks. Warping the Floors
  2. Damage to Restaurant Infrastructure: Accidents like fire and electric issues also impact restaurant walls and floors. Leakages, seepages and rust leave a permanent blotch on structures and can add up to maintenance cost like painting; ripping up the hardwood, tile renovation etc.
  3. There’s an opportunity to combine two functions into one unit: Space constraint is a big issue in any kitchen, home or restaurant. In such a case if you can find yourself pocket-friendly multipurpose equipment that serves many functions in the kitchen then it’s a much smarter option. Such a piece of gadget not only makes your kitchen more spacious but also lowers your power bills.


Below are some warning signs to look for in each specific type of equipment:

  • Commercial Refrigerator:  Check key constituents like the door seals, hinges and interior liner. If they are showing excessive wear and tear, then it’s time for a replacement.
  • The ventilation system is an integral part of any kitchen. In the case of grease layer and build-up and no cleaning agents seem effective, then it’s high time you go for a new one.
  • Commercial dishwasher breakdown can leave a restaurant kitchen in a distraught condition. So keep a constant tab on its operation.
  • Griddle nearing permanent breakdown will heat more slowly, but the most obvious signs will be visible. It’s a clear sign for replacement if corrosion or rust on the surface affects your food.

Deciding on a replacement can be confusing but any action at the right time will guarantee smooth working and productivity in the long –run.


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