Why People Move Away From Any Other CRM To Salesforce CRM To Boost The Sales Of Any Organization

Apr 14




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When you will search for the best CRM for your company, then there you will find a lot of software but Salesforce has become one of the topmost software and from this article you can know the reason behind the success of this topmost cloud based CRM.


  When a business grows the way and level of its operation execution also needs to make effective and they try to find an effective way to generate more leads,Why People Move Away From Any Other CRM To Salesforce CRM To Boost The Sales Of Any Organization Articles which is only possible if the business operations are streamlined properly and according to the requirement. Today, there are various CRM software available in the market, and the result of different studies show that Salesforce is one of the best available CRM software, which can help the organizations in managing their business operations properly and helps them in generating more leads.

Reasons to choose Salesforce CRM:

Salesforce CRM is an Forbes awarded and innovative company. Popular business giants like Coca-Cola, Sony, L’Oreal, Facebook, Fujitsu and Vodafone are a few of the successful Salesforce clients. Salesforce believes that customer involvement is the key element to provide the growth to any enterprise. Even the Salesforce clients perceive it as a qualitative customer engagement platform. The CEO of Salesforce says that, they are planning to make Salesforce CRM suitable for all business apps. The goal of Salesforce team is to make it suitable for the enterprises, so that right from starting upto the day end the employees of enterprise use Salesforce to operate the business operation.

  • Continuous Stable Growth

Global market of Software market is rapidly and continuously increasing every year almost by 13.7% and the market share of CRM has become a billion dollar space and Salesforce is the top contributor of this market and has become inseparable CRM software. Even the CEO of Salesforce has recorded the constant and rapid growth of its market share and expects an increased revenue every year, including in 2017.

  • Vision and Execution

 Long term vision of Salesforce has brought it at the highest position. Company claims that the goal and vision of the top management are the key factors of its success and it has become one of the topmost CRM software service providers in the global market.

 In many research and studies conducted globally Salesforce has been revealed as the leading cloud based software. Not only this even from last many years Salesforce has maintained this position continuously, and the credit of the success of this CRM also goes to the way in which the company executes its planned goals.

  • Strategic Acheivements

To increase the enhanced capabilities Salesforce has winning acquisition policy, long term vision of Salesforce helps it to be successful from the year 2006. Salesforce build the Marketing cloud system, just because of its strategic acquisition, even the company took over ExactTarget for $2.5 billion to enhance the capabilities of its Marketing cloud,  and later it also acquire Pardot, which was primarily focused for online marketing campaigns, due to which the revenue and efficiency of Salesforce enhanced significantly.

 Another Salesforce successful acquisition was RelatelQ, which disseminate the manual process of data entry and provided an additional value to its Marketing cloud.

  • Diversified Cloud Based Service Offerings:

Salesforce is capable to provide a cloud based on-demand platform for networking, software and hardware requirement of any company. Through multiple and efficient SaaS offerings of Salesforce customers can improve their sales and generate more leads. The communication can also be enhanced drastically due to this powerful and efficient platform of Salesforce.

  Salesforce can provide PaaS (Platform as a service) after its acquisition of Heroku in 2010. Through this feature the apps available on Appexchange can be easily and conveniently customized by using the tools like Database.com and AppExchange. Salesforce is continuously increasing its market share, while other CRM software are still in progressive stage.

  • Power of Saleforce Lightning

To connect the third party services like Evernote, LinkedIn and Dropbox, Salesforce launched Salesforce Lightnign, which gave an innovative and powerful platform to the Salesforce developers, vendors and customers. Through Salesforce Lightning Development they can get connected easily with their most used applications. Even the live video and On –Screen guided support of Salesforce1 also make it powerful application.