Why use QuickBooks Enterprise on the Cloud? – Top Business Benefits in 2021

Feb 12


Alice Wright

Alice Wright

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QuickBooks Enterprise is available on the desktop, but it is more advantageous to host the software on the cloud. The accounting of your business will be safe & secured with the QuickBooks Enterprise version on the cloud.


All businesses need to start using safe accounting software to manage their finances. QuickBooks is the best accounting software in the market that are meant for various kinds of businesses. 

Out of various versions,Why use QuickBooks Enterprise on the Cloud? – Top Business Benefits in 2021 Articles QuickBooks Enterprise is the one more dedicated to industries like logistics, construction, retail, and logistics. 

Now the question arises – ‘Is QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud-Based’? 

QuickBooks Enterprise is desktop-based, but it can be also hosted on the cloud for remote access of the accounting data & files. Run QuickBooks Enterprise for any PC with an active internet connection, once the hosting is done on the cloud. 

It is the most advanced version of QuickBooks, with multiple advanced-level features. It is NOT a native cloud-based application but can be accessed any time using your everyday device. 

Using QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud provides the same experience as that of the desktop version. 

Move away from traditional ways of accounting to modern methods for the desired business success. The use of cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks ensures total protection of your financial data & files. 

Let us now dig deep into the benefits of using QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud and things to consider for that…………………


Top Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise on the Cloud


It is meant for a swift collaboration

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud provides access to accounting files & data in quick time. Multiple teams across various geographical locations can collaborate on the same file to make necessary changes. 


Guarantee of ZERO Data Loss

Business data is well-protected on the cloud and stay safe from all potential threats within the local infrastructure. QuickBooks Enterprise is the best solution for all your data-related issues. 


Remote Access to All Your Data Files

The CPAs and accountants can manage their accounting process better with QuickBooks Enterprise. Work from any location using the compatible device and active internet connection. 


Disaster Recovery

The storing of information on the cloud provides the space to recover from any disaster in a quick time. Your data is always safe on the cloud and one can continue working even in the case of disaster. 


Things to Consider for Moving to Cloud-Based QuickBooks Enterprise


Have you been already using the QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop version? Looking for a safer way to protect your data?

Are you still stuck with the question – ‘Is QuickBooks cloud-based’? Moving QuickBooks to the cloud will ensure the greater safety of your business accounting data. Enjoy the same desktop-client experience on the cloud that includes similar inventory tracking or advanced invoicing functionality. 


Are you aiming for a better communication link on the saved accounting files in the cloud?

Address the business needs to the QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting provider for smoother assistance. With QuickBooks Enterprise, multiple members can access and edit one accounting file at one time. 


Looking to cut down on the application infrastructure cost?

The cloud hosting service will surely assist the cutting down infrastructure costs in the offices to operate the application. 


Are you looking for a better financial application for your business?

QuickBooks Enterprise cloud is the updated and advanced version of the software that ensures greater scalability. 

Contacting the right kind of QuickBooks Enterprise service will assist the smooth transition of data & files to the cloud in quick time. The expert trains you and the company members with the usefulness of the type of hosting service. 


How to host QuickBooks Enterprise?

Here are the steps to host QuickBooks Pro on the cloud –


  1. As per the business need, it is important to choose the QuickBooks Pro Cloud hosting provider. 
  2. Purchase a new QuickBooks Pro license or share the existing license with the service provider. 
  3. The licensed copy gets installed on the cloud servers and then setup RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to set up connectivity. 
  4. Now using a web browser, access the QuickBooks Pro. 


Different Ways to Host QuickBooks Enterprise on Cloud

You get 3 main types of hosting Sage 50 software as per your need. These are as follows –

Shared Hosting 

It simply means that your Sage 50 application or account will be store on the same server as a bunch of others. 

It is the best way of hosting if you are looking for an economical one. 

The right kind of hosting provider will ensure the customization of accounting options and good loading speed. 

But, it shouldn’t be selected as the long-term solution as the hosting will be unable to stand a higher level of traffic or access. 

It is the best solution for businesses looking to keep their Sage 50 application upbeat and run faster. 


VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

This kind of hosting is a better option than Shared Hosting. Select it if you are looking to scale the Sage 50 application. 

Each Sage 50 application will be hosted in its own virtual space and thus the loading speed will be higher. It also ensures multiple access to the account at one time.

But still, it’s not a long-term solution for hosting if you are looking for a top-performing Sage 50 account. 


Dedicated Hosting

It is the type preferred by organizations looking for multiple accounting functions in their business. 

You get full control over the dedicated server of your Sage 50 application. 

Are you looking to scale up the accounting performance of your business? Choose Sage 50 hosting as the best alternative. 

Select the kind of hosting provider who provides better assistance within your budget. 



Hopefully, by now you might have got the answer to the question – ‘Is QuickBooks Enterprise Cloud-Based?’ 

QuickBooks is the desktop-based version but can be used in the same manner, while on the cloud. 

Try the cloud-hosted version of QuickBooks Enterprise if you are facing error or hassle in your business accounts. 

You can install the QuickBooks Enterprise on the desktop, or else host it on the cloud for remote access. 

Sagenext Infotech can be a trusted partner in ensuring top-class QuickBooks Enterprise hosting services at a good cost. Contact the professional on +1-855-922-7243 to get more details about it. 


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