6 Best Courses after 12th to get a job

Sep 10


Manju Rai

Manju Rai

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There are several job-oriented as well as skill-based courses after 12th that can help you enhance skills for accomplishing your dream of getting a job in reputed organizations. It’s your task to find the best one for you. Here we listed some list of some professional courses after 12th that will help you to enhance your skills to boost your career graph.


Presently,6 Best Courses after 12th to get a job Articles It’s a huge question for students that -What the best courses after 12 for making a perfect career? 

Life after clearing 12th teaches you how to push yourself to achieve something worthy. After boards you need to find your interest, your skills and most importantly, you need to keep an eye on various colleges and universities for admissions.

Certainly it’s not easy. You will realize that life is full of struggles and hurdles. And It's just a beginning…..

Every student wishes to have a great career and a bright future. However, it’s not possible without investing your time, sweat and hard work.

You can’t expect a bed of roses without doing anything. You need to develop skills for better career opportunities and for a great future.

As a professional, it’s mandatory to have the knowledge and for getting this you have to determine which course is better for you.

Finding a good course that aligns with your interest is really important for your career. It’s an essential part of your future planning.

In the modern world, skills are highly valuable. Bookish or theoretical knowledge won’t help you to land your dream job. 

Fortunately, now there are several skill-based as well as job-oriented courses after 12th that can help you enhance skills for accomplishing your dream of getting a job in reputed organizations.

It’s your task to find the best one for you. Certainly, no one can make their career on the basis of 12th, some professional knowledge is always required to get the best job. Even graduation is also not enough to get jobs with a high pay scale.

Some students have predefined career goals so they follow the same. However, some students are still confused about their career.

If you are one of those students who are still confused about which course to choose then this article is for you.

Here we listed some list of some professional courses after 12th that will help you to enhance your skills to boost your career graph. 

1# Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is all about the promotion of business on the internet. It's a short-term professional course where you can learn how to boost a business online.

Usually, the duration of the Digital Marketing course is 5-6 months. It contains several important modules such as Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Website Making, etc.

Nowadays Digital Marketing is a highly grooming sector as every business wants to go online to reach out more and more customers. They are in urgent need to hire a digital marketing team for different positions.

And consequently, there is a huge demand for trained digital marketers. Moreover, According to the report of The Times Of India, there will be approx 20 lakh job openings coming to India by 2020.

It means every digital marketer will surely get a job in their dream organization. 

Additionally, as a digital marketer, you can even start your own business.

And if you are running a  business, then the course can help you in boosting your sales. You will find several institutions that offer Digital marketing Course in Noida, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other major Indian cities. 

You can enroll in these courses if you want to make a career in the digital marketing domain.

2# Animation and VFX

Animation and VFX course is very common in the market in which you can learn video animation and editing with visual effects.

You must have seen lots of animated movies and visual effects in movies, these kinds of stuff come in the animation course. 

And anyone can do this course even a 12th pass student. You don’t need any specific degree for this course.

Moreover, movies and video production will never go out of trend, and every production company needs a team of animation artists. 

The only demerit of this course is not anyone can afford its fees as this course is a little bit expensive. 

There are 2-3 best institutes who offer animation and VFX courses such as Arena, Maac, and Oxford.



3# Tally

Tally is an accounting-based course in which you need to have good knowledge of accounts. This course is a little tough to do. However, it takes hardly 1 month to complete the course.

A tally is automated software which helps to make accounting easier and in this course, you will learn how to use tally software.

Every business needs an accounting expert for their company. The course fees are affordable, but the scope of growth in this field is very less.

4# Computer and mobile hardware course


This course is based on the hardware knowledge of computers and mobiles, in which you will learn how to repair computers and mobiles

Computers and mobiles are a very common and important part in human life. 

Nowadays everyone has a mobile and computer and these are electronics so obviously it will need service or repairing.

After doing this course, you can get jobs in branded service centers or companies. But payout of these jobs is slightly low. 

It's also an affordable course and the duration of this course is approx 12 months. 

5# HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS is a coding language for making webpages. The course is affordable and In this course, you will learn about this language and how to make websites by using HTML and CSS.

The course is a bit difficult and it takes around 1 year to complete this course. It also doesn't have much value in the market because most of the websites are made by WordPress which you can learn in Digital Marketing Course also.

6# Fashion designing

Fashion designing is a course of clothes designer in which you can learn how to design awesome clothes and fashion stuff.

The fashion industry is very large in which any fashion designer can get jobs with good pay scale but the only drawback of this course is, it’s very costly. 

The expenditure is not limited to the fees, you have to purchase lots of expensive stuff for practicals, and certainly everyone can’t afford this.

The course duration of fashion designing is approx one year.


You can choose any course of them according to your capability, budget, interest. Some of these courses will give you good knowledge, some will give good pay scale.

These courses give a massive boost to your career and it will also help you to get jobs in different fields.