The future of digital marketing in India

Mar 20


Charit Anchan

Charit Anchan

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Over The Last Few Years Digital Marketing In India Has Witnessed An Exponential Growth And By The End Of The Year, 2020 It Is Expected To Generate Over 20 Lakhs Jobs Per Year. According To A Business Insider India Report, Digital Marketing As A Career Is An Emerging Job Sector Here.


According To A Report By Economic Times Indian Has Around 451 Million Active Internet Users. This Will Create A Fascinating Business Opportunity To Sell Services And Products To A Growing Population Of Tech-Savvy Internet Users. A Mobile Phone Has Become A Basic Need For Everyone. Even If You Want To Try Out A New Recipe,The future of digital marketing in India Articles You Would Use Youtube To Know How It Is To Be Done. And When It Comes Down To Business, Every Business Wants To Make An Online Presence. So There’s No Doubt That The Future Of Digital Marketing In India Looks Promising.

Before Trying To Know About The Future Of Digital Marketing In India It Is Important To Understand How The Trend Of Digital Marketing Emerged, Digital Marketing Started To Get Visible Around 2010. With The Entry Of E-Commerce Players Like Amazon And Flipkart, The Digital Marketing Arena Started To Boost. The Industry Growth In The Last Decade Has Been Tremendous. Various Figures On The Internet About Digital Marketing In India Peg The Growth At 25% To 50% On An Annual Basis.

Further, To Discuss In Detail As To Why I Think Digital Marketing Is Poised For A Healthy Growth In The Coming Years:
  1. Traditional Marketing Is Dying…
  2. The Future Is In Going Digital
  3. The Future Of Digital Marketing Backed By Government’s Digital India Initiative
  4. Digital Marketing In India Is Going To Help Reach Global Markets Easier
  5. Digital Marketing The Next Bright Career!
  6. The Future Of Digital Marketing Is Going To Make Marketing Affordable
  7. Even The Smallest Towns Are Now Going Digital!
  8. Higher Engagement Rate And Time Spent On Social Media
  9. Increase In The Number Of Internet Users
  10. Revenues From Digital Classifieds To Rise
1. Traditional Marketing Is Dying...

Print? Billboards? Television?  How Much Should You Spend On These Traditional Marketing Services? 

The Answer To These Questions Cannot Be Answered In One Simple Response. The Problem Is That We Have Become A Society That Is In Transition. Some People Still Enjoy Reading The Newspaper, While More People Solely Get Their News And Entertainment From Their Smartphone, Tablet Or Laptop.

There Is Really Only One Platform That Is Seeing True Growth. Digital. The Truth Is, People Are Watching Less And Less Live Television. Traditional Marketing Just Isn’t Reaching The Younger Generations. In India At Present About One-Fourth Of Customers Spend Two Hours Online Every Day.  Just Think Of It This Way, Google And Facebook Generate More Revenue Than Any Traditional Media Company Because They Control More Eyeballs. That’s Why Digital Marketing Matters, It Is Where The Attention Is.

2. The Future Is In Going Digital

As The Internet Reaches More People, Online Customers Will Also Increase. 80% Of Users Make Use Of Google So As To Seek Out Specific Products And Services. The Young Generation Today Is Fed-Up With Old-Fashioned Advertisements, And Digital Platforms Offer Options To Make Changes Or Edit The Campaign Or Advertisement On A Continuous Basis. Almost Every Company Has Raised Its Budget To Be Spent On Digital Marketing And Will Increase Further.

3. The Future Of Digital Marketing Backed By Government’s Digital India Initiative

The Idea Of Transforming The Entire System Of Public Services Through IT, The Government Launched A Project Called The Digital India Programme.

The Central Vision Behind Making Such A Programme Was To Transform India Into A Digitally Empowered Society, Aware Of Facts And Figures And Spread Of Knowledge.


The Opportunities Are Not Only Available In Metro Cities But Also In Small Towns. The Government Has Also Come Up With The Application For Employment Programs. Everything Is Going Digital These Days. Thus, The Government Has Invested In The Future, In The Future Of Digital Marketing, To Make India Go Digital. So If We Talk About, Digital Marketing Career In India, Then You Are In The Right Place. 

4. Digital Marketing In India Is Going Help Reach Global Markets Easier Our Increasingly Digital World Has Removed Borders And Has Made Companies Focus On Adopting A More Unified Marketing Strategy. For Marketers Looking To Expand Their Reach To New Audiences, This Makes A Great Case For Looking At A Unified Global Marketing Strategy To Ensure Your Message Is Identified Within Countries Outside Of Your Headquarters. 5. Digital Marketing The Next Bright Career!

There Are N Number Of Institutions That Are Bringing Up The Digital Marketing Courses And In A Very Practical Approach, And The Classes Are Available In Both Online And Offline Preference.

There Are A Lot Of Top Institutions That Are Incorporating Digital Marketing In Their Syllabus And Making A Proper Curriculum.

Check Out Why Mirakuru Digital Marketing Education Is The Best Suitable For Your Needs.

6. The Future Of Digital Marketing Is Going To Make Marketing Affordable

Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Of All Sizes Make Themselves More Visible. However, Considering How Expensive It Is To Run A Business, Your Company May Be Hesitant To Spend Extra Funds Without Assurances.

There Are Cost-Effective Strategies To Use Online To Further Legitimize And Attract People To Your Business And Its Products Or Services. Whether It’s Through Social Media, A Website, Or Other Means, Subtle Digital Marketing Tactics Can Make A Significant Difference In Your Organization’s Marketability And Profitability.

7. Even The Smallest Towns Are Now Going Digital!

Against Popular Beliefs, Mobile Internet Has Made Reaching The Rural Public Through Digital Ways Easier. Sometimes Easier Than The Traditional Ways Depending On The Region. There Is The Added Benefit Of The Massive Reach Small And Rural Towns Provide And By Using Digital, This Benefit Can Be Reaped At A Reduced Cost.

A Lot Of Planning Goes Into The Utilization Of Companies’ Resources To Cater To Their Promotional Needs. The Time, Energy And Money Saved By Shifting A Few Gears Towards Digitalization Can Be Allocated Elsewhere.

This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg As The Age Of Digitalization Has Just Begun In The Rural Parts Of The Country. Policymakers Need To Start Now To Get The Early Bird’s Special.

8. Higher Engagement Rate And Time Spent On Social Media

Since People Are Heavily Using Social Media For Everything, The Engagement Rate Ought To Be Higher. People Need Quality Content For Updating Themselves And Getting Entertained. So It Is The Responsibility Of The Digital Marketers To Generate Content That Engages The Audience. 

Indian’s Are One Of The Leading Nations When It Comes To The Time Spent On Social Media, Says A Research Report From Techinasia.Com

9. Increase In The Number Of Internet Users People Using The Internet In 2017 Were 337.77 Million Which Has Gone Up To 407.11 Million In 2019 And It Will Only Be Doubled In The Future.  Indians Spend Around 4.4 Hours A Day On The Internet Through Their Laptop/Desktops And 3.1 Hours Through Their Mobile Devices. With Such A Large Amount Of Time Being Spent On The Internet, It Becomes A Massive Platform For Using Digital Marketing. More And More Brands Are Shifting Their Marketing Budgets Towards Digital Marketing. 10. Revenues From Digital Classifieds To Rise

It Has Been Predicted That By The Year 2020 The Revenue Generated From Digital Classifieds Is Going To Shoot Up To 23 Billion.

Almost Every Business Is Expected To Get Doubled Resulted In Revenues By 2020. And It Is Really Important For Every Business To Understand The Importance Of This.

Not Only Business But Also Candidates Who, Are Looking For A Fruitful Career Should Start Marching Towards Digital Marketing.


The Scope Of Digital Marketing Is Going To Get More Extensive And Influential In The Near Future. Digital Marketing Will Remain As The Most Powerful Way Of Marketing In The Future. But As The Dynamics Of Digital Marketing Are Changing Every Day, So One Has To Keep A Track Of The Changing Dynamics On A Daily Basis. If Today As A Digital Marketer You’ll Sense A Change Maybe Tomorrow, You Can Make It Change.

You Can Actually Implement It In A Way That Actually Makes The Change Happen.

So, Indeed It’s The Right Time To Go Digital!