Become a Professional Friend and earn Great Money Online

May 29


carmel brulez

carmel brulez

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People are becoming increasingly lonely and isolated, many now see it normal and beneficial to hire an online professional friend, get listed and get clients


Technology has made many new things possible and this opportunity is one of the most exciting ones ever. You can become a professional friend - part or full time - choosing whether you work purely online through your computer using skype,Become a Professional Friend and earn Great Money Online Articles zoom and/or emails, or meeting people face to face or both. Both, of course, have their pros and cons.

You would be amazed at how many people out there are happy to pay good money for this service. Men and women globally are looking for a friend they can rely on. Someone who listens and understands. Someone who supports them and is on their side. With none of the usual worries of having to agree with each other or them maybe being unreliable. There is no friend as reliable and caring as the paid professional friend, and this could be you. You could also see it as a way to help others in the World, it is certainly not some ordinary job. No two days would be the same.

You can find out a lot about this exciting and rewarding career at the ask agony aunt advice online website. It tells you many of the important aspects about it, and you can sign up onto their directory where you can get listed. Potential clients can see your listing, read your details and contact you and hire you. It could not be simpler. Unlike many new professions it is not time consuming to get into it, it is not complicated, you do not need training or qualifications or a special education, nor do you need to invest money. But the website will explain it to you anyway. For those who have no idea at all about it but want to hear a little now it is quite simple. People are lonely, some are totally isolated, especially the disabled, housebound and elderly, they now realise it is better to go online and hire a professional friend than suffer and struggle with their loneliness. A professional friend is someone who is there to listen, comfort, make them smile, be a shoulder to cry on ... all the things a normal friend would be. But when it is online it is online, you do not meet them face to face or in person.

Most people of all ages - men and women - may be popular as professional friends, and anyone can do it online even if they cannot meet them face to face for any reason. It is a challenge without a challenge because while every day is different it is not complicated or hard to do.

And of course you would be totally able to pick and choose which people you wish to help out and how much time you wish to give them. There will be some you do not want to help, there will be others who want too much of your time, you simply say no thank you and turn them down. You are totally in control. You may wish to only work on certain days as is your right. So long as you are getting what you seek from it and they are getting what they seek and pay for everyone is a winner. In Asia the professional friend is a normality. People who are single and embarrassed about it invite their professional paid friend to come to family celebrations with them rather than admit to family they are single and have no real friends. Some of these people who are lonely are in their situation because they work long hours and do not have time to meet and cultivate this new proper friend. It suits them to simply hire a friend they like and pay them for their time instead. Because that way they get none of the usual problems you can get with real friends who maybe change their mind or cancel at the last minute, or decide they are bored and have to rush off half way through the meet. The professional friend is different because you know they will turn up, you know they will stay throughout the whole meet, you also know they want to make you happy, they are there to make you feel comfortable and be friendly towards you, this should make the whole meet a lot more pleasurable and less stressful.

There are a lot of new age and holistic professions popping up. Years ago we only heard about the clairvoyant psychic, now there are far more choices to suit all tastes. In the old days people started to get into pet sitting. Now it is common to hire someone who takes your dog or cat and keeps it at their home for a while. The professional friend avenue is new and unusual but I predict it will become just as accepted and known about in a short space of time. Of course a very shy person or a person who is useless at communication and words would not be suitable! I advise anyone with spare time, especially if they are chatty and friendly and easy to get on with, whether they are a clairvoyant psychic or not, and especially if they were thinking of finding another financial income, to consider it, you may well regret it if you do not, especially if you end up chatting to a friend in a year or two and hearing all about how successful it is for them... and end up kicking yourself at that missed opportunity. There are some excellent websites online that have a directory you can get listed on, this is a sure fire way to be able to get clients to know about you and hire you without all of the expense of a website and all of the hassle and time that involves.

You might be a clairvoyant psychic already, this may be another string to your bow, you might be a therapist, you might be a counsellor, none of this really matters because there are lots of people who have not done any of these things before who would be terrific at it.

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