Becoming a Psychologist: Job Requirements

Apr 21


Dorothy Ewans

Dorothy Ewans

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Graduates in psychology can work in various settings such as schools, hospitals, mental homes, counseling centers. Those who have doctoral degree and long time experience in psychology can qualify for a licensing and set up their own practice. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a better job, you must know the main job requirements for psychologists.


The education level is one of the first and foremost things to be considered by employers. That’s said,Becoming a Psychologist: Job Requirements Articles the higher degree level you hold the better chances you have to get a job. Undergraduate degree holders can expect to get an assisting work, whereas graduate students can practice without being supervised. Those who are determined to set up a private practice in psychology are required to get a Doctoral degree and apply for a license. Getting an additional training is essential in psycholody as it leads to enriching your experience and therefore allows you grow professionally.

Personal Qualities

Job requirements for psychologists determine the whole array of qualities a person should have to qualify for the relevant position. In this respect, applicants must be of a strong personality in order to deal with peoples' problems on a daily basis. Jobs which require treating mental illnesses, working with criminals are the hardest and the most stressful ones. To meet job requirements for these positions applicants must be stress resistant, tolerant to inadequate behavior, have strong desire to help people to fight off illnesses.


The ability to make accurate assessment of a persons' mental health is one of the main job requirements for psychologists. In order to qualify for a high-level position you got to be adept at making assessments. The process of making diagnosis usually includes clinical interview, computer tests, questionnaires and special scales to measure a person's emotional state and clinical tendencies. Make sure you are good at these techniques.


Another major task of psychologists is to find the right approach to each patient. People have different mental disorders which can be more or less serious. Therefore each treatment must be developed in a view of each individual case. Job requirements for psychologists are pretty much demanding. And this is understandable as each employer is aimed to find experienced and resilient professionals to give a high-quality psychological treatment.

Psychologists must meet certain job requirements to qualify for a position they apply for. Finding a right job is never easy. It requires much of your time an efforts. Yet if you want to get a decent job you must, at minimum, show your education level, relevant experience and personal acumen.