What Can Courier Exchange Do for Me? Ask Dortudor Dot Com

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Mike Tudor set up Dortudor Dot Com as his second career took off. How did Courier Exchange help him establish a successful business in the industry?

After retiring,Guest Posting Mike Tutor wanted a change and – in answer to a local advertisement for courier jobs – began a second career. We look at the journey he has taken in this new venture and why he credits Courier Exchange with playing an important role in the success of his business.

Humble Beginnings

Mike’s start in courier jobs came when he responded to an advert in a local newspaper searching for drivers. Mike joined the company and worked for them for a year, a period in which he learnt the essentials of the industry. The company advised him on what van to buy and gave him all the knowledge and experience he needed to take the next step.

Dortudor Dot Com and Courier Exchange

After a year working for a local company Mike set up on his own, starting Dortudor Dot Com. He soon joined Courier Exchange – his reasoning was that the largest trading hub for the sameday courier and express freight industry in the world would surely help him pick up business and make important contacts.

Mike was right; along with his own excellent customer service, grit and determination, the Exchange helped Dortudor Dot Com create a good reputation within the industry.

Business Booming

Mike said, “Within the first week of joining the amount of work generated covered all of my joining and membership costs and I thought ‘this is fantastic’”.

So, what is Courier Exchange and how did it help Mike with his brand-new venture?

Simply put, members with more freight than they can carry post the load on the site and members with spare capacity signal availability. Deals are made directly between the parties involved. This resulted in more courier jobs for Mike who now has a very successful career in his extra-long wheel base Mercedes Sprinter.

The site enables members to source part-filled or available vans, or show their own availability, increasing their efficiency by eliminating ‘dead mileage’. Another benefit for owner drivers such as Mike is helping the bottom line; users can share various costs such as congestion charges and ever rising fuel prices.

On the Go

A practical feature of Courier Exchange is that an app allows members to log in to the service while on the go. An easy-to-use online system can take you from order confirmation to invoice approval and payment completely electronically.

Why Use This Service?

Why would someone like Mike use this particular site to provide him with contacts and courier jobs? Unlike other exchange hubs, Courier Exchange has a full support staff to help users get the most out of the service. The subscription fee is up-front, great for start-ups like Mike, and there are no commissions charged.

Transport Exchange Group’s services are the most secure in the industry as they have a bespoke rating system allowing members to give feedback on performance and payment. Operators must undergo strict checks before being allowed onto the site including credit checks.

We wish Mike and Dortudor Dot Com many more successful years on the road!

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