Canadian Resume Format

Jul 7


Andrew Glancy

Andrew Glancy

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A Canadian resume is not completely different other styles of resume but there are some subtle but important differences in emphasis and structure for the Canadian resume format compared to other countries. Let's explore how to create a Canadian style resume. 


There’s two main formats of resumes used in Canada. The traditional reverse-chronological resume (or just chronological resume) and the functional resume.

The reverse-chronological is the traditional one that focuses on employment history. For most people with employment history in the same field as the role they’re applying for,Canadian Resume Format Articles this is the best format to go for.

The other type of resume is the functional resume which focuses more on skills rather than employment history. 

For typical reverse-chronological resume generally you should aim to cover:

  1. Resume header with your basic information
  2. A personal summary
  3. Your professional experience
  4. Education and professional qualifications
  5. Skills

A functional resume would still cover the same headings as above but in a different order. It would change the emphasis to focus more on skills rather than employment history.

What should be in each of these sections is covered in this Canadian resume format guide. 

There are some general rules to follow which might be different from other country's conventions.

  • Never include a photo of yourself.
  • Do not include your date of birth or any other personal information (other than your name and contact details).
  • The resume should be two pages long. One if you’re junior.

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