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I was Australian Latin Dance Champion with outstanding achievements married to my champion dance partner. We had spent three years living in Europe representing Australia in World and European championships and had dreams of establishing a successful dance franchise in Australia.

 I remember the day our relationship ended. It was not only the end of my marriage but the end of everything my life had been made up of,Guest Posting thus far. It felt like the tablecloth had been ripped out from a beautifully laid table and all the pieces had landed on the floor with me in tears. I had no idea where to start picking up the pieces of my life and all I had ever known was dance. The future was uncertain and changing! This was a long time ago and since then I have invested in new skills, pursued a business career and have become a Marketing Director for one of the world’s most leading IT brands. From Russia to Brazil, from China to India I led the marketing mission for the IT Business Partner channel and mentored teams all across the globe. There is life beyond the surprise of change. Transition impacts all of us. Our lives are made up of continual seasons and like the weather our personal seasons have different requirements. Some impact us more severely than others but in all cases we typically see-saw between resisting and embracing change. It is a journey. Here are three thoughts that have helped me to embrace change -

  1. Just Be – as one door closes often another door does not open immediately! I have tended to scurry trying to quickly open the next door but the harder I worked the more I felt like life was standing still. Reflecting I was like that mouse running nowhere on the never ending wheel. But, I did have days when I consciously chose to stop and do something for me like taking long walks in my beautiful city, having a massage or sharing lunch with a special friend and it was on those days I relaxed, I smiled, I even laughed and found my creative juices flowed. New thoughts and visions naturally surfaced. Sometimes we need to just stop being busy and just be to let the next chapter enter our lives.    
  2. Take Risks – In the words of Guilliame Apollinaire French Poet – “Come to the edge, Life said. They came. It pushed them….. And they flew”. I have found myself dreaming of embracing new things which fill me with excitement and passion. As quickly as the dream has entered my mind I have also found myself dismissing the vision with words of self-doubt. However it’s been those times when I have been willing to take big risks and follow my dream I have been the most successful. The outcome has never been immediate or easy and in fact in every case has required determination, tenacity, passion and plain hard work. So be willing to take risks, be determined to find your wings and fly.   
  3. Make a difference in the lives of others – I learnt a long time ago that one of the most profound things to do when life feels unrewarding is to make a difference to someone else in need. I have participated in all sorts of projects from volunteering in Christmas appeals to visiting some of the most subjugated women in Africa to simply hanging out with family who are ill and struggling. Finding someone with a need and making a difference in their life takes the intense focus off your own challenges. It not only brings a fresh perspective but you will receive in many more ways than you can imagine and it’s helped me to truly embrace the change ahead.  

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Carinne Bird
Carinne Bird

Carinne Bird has gone from Tango to Technology, was an Australian Latin dancer who successfully transitioned her life to that of corporate marketing director in the IT industry for a global brand providing leadership across the globe’s emerging markets. Carinne has a strong history in dance and a more extensive background in business development, digital, social & mobile strategies, communication and broad marketing expertise. Is an avid blogger and available for speaking engagements.   

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