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According to the US Department of Labor,Guest Posting physical therapist positions are expected to increase by 27% between 2006 and 2016. As there is already a high demand for physical therapists and almost no unemployment in this field, this looks like a very promising field to enter into.

The most important part of any description of a physical therapist's job involves the nature of the work a physical therapist performs. This includes diagnosing a patient's problem, testing to see the extent of the problem, designing a treatment plan, executing the treatment plan, teaching patients exercises that are a part of the treatment plan, teaching patients how to use any assistive devices they may need, evaluating a patient's progress, referring patients to other professionals when the scope of the illness is outside of their experience and training, and concluding treatment when the patient no longer needs it.

What are some general job activities that physical therapists perform? These include assisting and caring for others, getting information, establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, making decisions and solving problems, performing general physical activities, analyzing data, communicating, and organizing, planning and prioritizing work. Becoming a physical therapist requires specialized education and knowledge. This includes a masters or doctorate in physical therapy, which usually includes training to give the student knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy, kinesiology, neuroscience, pathology, orthopedics, radiology, pharmacology, and therapeutic exercise. Physical therapy degrees also include some supervised clinical experience.

A description of a physical therapist's job should also include information on the various locations where a physical therapist might work. These include hospitals, clinics, private homes, schools, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and private offices. Some physical therapists also teach at universities.

Another thing most people would look for is the information on what physical therapists can expect to earn. According to the US Department of Labor, the median annual earnings for physical therapists was $66,200 in May 2006. Obviously this varies by experience, location, type of position, specializations, and the type of facility a physical therapist works for.

Another point of interest would be the physical therapist's job outlook. According to the US Department of Labor, the job outlook is good, with physical therapy jobs growing much faster than the average. People are living longer and surviving more serious illnesses, and this increases the demand for physical therapists.

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