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... THE MYTHS OF HOLIDAY JOB ... Tips from the Experts at Lee Hecht Harrison to Make the Most of the Season’s ... to popular belief, the holiday season is actually a

Five Tips from the Experts at Lee Hecht Harrison to Make the Most of the Season’s Opportunities

Contrary to popular belief,Guest Posting the holiday season is actually a good time to conduct a job search. While many who are looking for work tend to become depressed at this time of the year, they should instead view the holiday season with a positive attitude as a time ripe with opportunity.
If you believe the myth that job searching is a waste of time between Thanksgiving and mid-January, you may be reducing your chances of landing an offer when many hiring decisions are being made. This is a time when competition is reduced and when most organizations have developed their budgets for the coming year and can predict their hiring needs and goals for the year ahead.
If you are ready to get into the spirit of things and capitalize on the many opportunities the season has to offer, here are five tips:
Set measurable goals: Don’t give in to depression or procrastination. Decide how many networking contacts you will make during the season, how many meetings you will set up with hiring managers and how much research you will conduct. Taking daily action will lift your spirits and bring you closer to your goals.
Attend holiday gatherings: Now is not the time to stay at home alone! Holiday parties can provide valuable opportunities to network. Let people know you are looking for a new position when the subject of careers comes up, but remember not to be too aggressive—while it is a chance to network for you, it is still a party for others.
Be flexible: The end of the year can be a busy time for most organizations, so be prepared to interview at the last minute, very early in the morning or late in the day. Don’t plan to take your vacation during this time if you are serious about your job search! Staying available will give you the edge over other candidates who may have holiday plans.
Volunteer your time for a worthy cause: While there are opportunities to volunteer all year long, many charitable organizations need extra help during the holidays. Volunteering will not only make you feel better about your own position, but can offer great chances to network.
Send holiday cards to companies you’ve recently interviewed with: It’s a great way to follow up and remind them that you are still open to meeting with them. Keep the cards simple and secular, avoiding overt religious themes. Don’t send them to companies or people with whom you’ve yet to interview.
Remaining upbeat and making the most of the many job searching opportunities that the season brings will not only give you the jump on your fellow candidates, but may lead to a great new year, replete with a new position.

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