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If you are looking to gain the complete work-experience, get used to the work and learn productively, full-time jobs can be the best bet. You can earn better. If you are a student, you can look for part-time job opportunities. If you are in a profession with spare time, you may utilize that time to earn some extra buck. Be it full-time or part-time jobs, as long as your interest is there, you are free to do.

At some point or the other,Guest Posting we have all come across the thought of not traveling every day and being able to work at the comfort of their couch. The thought seems to be overwhelming, right? So would you be ready to shift to a part-time job from a full-time job? Do you think you are ready for it? 

Remote working sure seems to be a nice idea, but every decision has two sides to it. Part-time jobs are indeed gaining more and more attention from the employees nowadays. Because it is helping people maintain a work-life balance which is not always possible with a full-time job.

A lot of companies have started to offer part-time job opportunities to candidates. From companies in big cities to small cities, part-time jobs are available almost everywhere nowadays. You can find jobs in Guwahati on a part-time basis, and other small cities as well. 

But there are always uncertainties on the issues of whether one should consider part-time jobs or not. The debate about which is better between part-time and full-time jobs is never-ending.

So let us discuss the factors of both part-time and full-time jobs. With this discussion, you can make your mind which type of job nature will suit you the best.

Full-Time Employment

Full-time employment is often known as salaried employment. That is so because this job provides a secure income. With full-time employment, employees have a sense of safety in terms of income.

Moreover, there are a lot of benefits that are also provided by companies to the employees. But is that more than enough to drive the passion in you to travel to work each day and give your best?

Benefits of full-time employment:
  • You learn a lot of new skills while working with team members.
  • Effective communication skills are imbibed strongly when you work with people around and are required to communicate with them.
  • You develop skills that are necessary to survive in the corporate world. Qualities like self-discipline are developed.
  • You get professional advice and an opportunity for mentorship. 
  • Full access to social package benefits as well.
Disadvantages of full-time employment:
  • A lot of time is consumed in traveling since almost all cities have poor traffic conditions on roads. 
  • Employees sometimes find it difficult to concentrate in an open workspace. 
  • You are always working under someone and have to take permission very frequently.
  • Working conditions can be very stressful, which can also result in the downfall of health.
Part-Time Employment

Part-time employees are the ones who work for fewer hours as compared to full-time employees. You have flexibility as an employer but you are also disqualified from a lot of employee benefits. A lot of companies provide part-time as well as full-time employment opportunities to the employees. You can be a part-time employee for a certain amount of time or permanently, as per your convenience.

The advantages of part-time jobs:
  • Availability of flexible work schedules. With part-time jobs, you can work at flexible hours, depending on the kind of job.
  • Your network expands as you come in contact with more people apart from the company employees. A part-time job gives you time to go out and meet new people.
  • A balance between work and personal life is maintained. This is something that people working at full-time jobs really want.
  • If you have a part-time job that leaves you with a lot of free time, you can invest that time in a lot of other things. If you wish, you can work at another part-time job. For instance, you can work for home-based data entry jobs side by side. You can also learn new skills during your time and improve your qualifications as well.

As far as job security is concerned, many people believe that part-time jobs are not a secured option as compared to full-time jobs. But the truth is, both part-time, as well as full-time jobs, have equal chances of an employee losing a job. So it depends on you whether you have comfortable conditions to work in a full-time job or a part-time job. 


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