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As many of your peers will tell you, finding a new job has not been easy in this down economy. But there are ways to sharpen your resume and give yourself a leg up. When it comes time to start searching for a job, consider trying a new approach.

Remember that guy in New York City who wore a sandwich board day in and day out looking for a job? Now,Guest Posting he was determined. But even with his drastic, proactive approach to searching for a job, it took him over a year to land steady work.

In the past three years alone, nearly 10% of the working population has been laid off. Even in 2010, when there were initial signs of a rallying US economy, looming issues elsewhere severely impacted that recovery. Jobs are still scarce, but the good news is that major retailers, corporations, and businesses are, at long last, searching for skilled, qualified help once again. The game has changed though; these same businesses are in search of skilled employees who bring something new to the table. Gone are the days when a degree was guaranteed to find you a new job.

Undoubtedly, if you were one of those workers laid off, you've been struggling to make ends meet. If you have a family, the concern about debts and meeting monthly payments is even greater. By any means possible, you've managed to weather the storm. Getting back on your feet is no simple task - case in point, many of the workers laid off back in 2007 are still searching for a job. There is some light at the end of the tunnel however. If you've been let go, you have a prime opportunity to hone your skills and perhaps become even more eligible for positions you would not have previously applied for. By using this downtime constructively, you can accelerate your career for the future!

Acquiring New Skills

If your career has been put on the back burner for the time being, you should take this time to fine-tune your other skills and even add some new ones to your resume. Technological skills are a valuable negotiating tool when searching for a job and a persuasive argument as to why HR should take a second look at your resume. These skills include coding, software, blogging, social media, and countless other efforts that companies are investing in to establish or promote their brands aggressively online. Local YMCAs and municipal organizations, too, offer regular courses on a variety of topics, including business basics, web design, copywriting, and accounting.

Volunteering is another great way to get involved. After all, when you're interviewed by a potential employer and asked how you spent your time, you're going to want to have a solid answer. Identify what you're most interested in and seek out groups or clubs in need of volunteers. Consider donating your time to a children's organization, the library, a university, political group, or church. When it comes time for finding a new job, these experiences will add "oomph" to your newly designed resume!

Finding a New Job

There are multiple avenues available when finding a new job - and they're not all online! Sure, searching online may be your best bet in many instances as it allows you to apply for numerous jobs in a short amount of time, but there are a number of other possibilities that you can pursue.

Discover the advantages of networking when searching for a job! With Facebook and LinkedIn, you can connect with old friends, co-workers, and acquaintances online, many of whom may be able to help you while finding a new job. If they don't know who is hiring, they'll still know to be on the lookout for you should anything come up. Joining a local support group is another great way to meet people in the business or industry you're interested in, and like your online contacts, they can offer you some direction when searching for a job.

Searching for a Job the Right Way

Sure, times are rough, but above all, don't give up. Realize that there are countless others in your position, perhaps just as positive that finding a new job will be nigh impossible. Capitalize on both your time and interests - and refine your job search - to help your progress along the way. When searching for a job, focus on what you do best, but gain a competitive advantage by working on new skills as well. You'll never get anywhere sitting around - jump up, be proactive, and grab a hold of your future.

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