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Read an article on head hunting or search for prospective candidates. Disocver how search for prospective candidates has greater emphasis on local enviroenment and a niche within a niche.   

Are all head hunters the same?

Literally speaking headhunting or recruitment industry is vast,Guest Posting and not all are the same working under one big roof. Let’s first understand what do head hunting or recruitment agencies provide. The logical answer to this is found in HR department of a company. They seek workers, professionals and now freelancers with a degree of skill set and experience. Limited to that which is a company’s work force requirement.

Headhunting is serious time bound exercise of HR Departments and they are not always successful. Here come the professional staffing concerns or job search companies into the picture. While the former follows a professional approach to provide high profile, experienced and cultured work force working in a especially niche, the latter follows a general approach.

Staffing concerns have a more automated approach and are well equipped with skill sets that help enable acquisition of specialized work force. The nook and corner based recruitment agencies or job provider companies with online presence and brick and mortar office provide candidates for line management and general tasks they rarely cater to high end professional.

Staffing agencies generally cater to niche but there are agencies which provide candidates with wide array of skill sets. The specialization depends upon the type of industry and businesses that are part of local ecosystem. Just like elements in the food chain they fulfill diverse functions. Though organic online approach has tremendously increased the reach of agencies nevertheless local impact is highly overpowering and what is in hand dominates.

Unlike HR departments of companies recruitment agencies have to spread out their wings in for workforce acquisition. They do this using traditional means limited to economical approach.

Both types of recruitments can be called as head hunters because the purpose is in tandem. Staffing agencies follow diverse and even non traditional means of acquisition. They have specialized recruitment software and in house professionals with diverse skill sets. The means can be varied like the social media reach, regular advertisements, email marketing, classified and what not.

Headhunting for specialized skills and vast experience cannot be limited to one methodology, any approach that works has to be adapted and modified according to the partner requirement.

For those in technical environment head hunting would involve professionals who are technically well versed. Headhunters often do not provide broad spectrum solutions they craft their skills and management to provide solutions for specific niche. Thus a technical recruiters would focus on creating a work force for IT or software industry. This would be the agencies core focusing another would focus on IT hardware or something on similar lines.

A robust economy like USA offers job prospects which are unimaginably diverse creating a niche within a niche. Such prospects have no possibility of survival in less developed country. Thus a prospective candidates focus would shift to migration which is deemed impossible, or seek job as remote freelancer in USA or other developed country. Thus a lot depends upon the locally business environment for headhunting survival. Yes even in the era whence the world is going global and a much diversified business ecosystems exist everywhere it is local focus that leads to survival for head hunters.

Literally speak peek into the neighborhoods for survival. Charity begins at home even though the distances have reduced and the Internet has brought the World a lot closer. But local is vocal and even potential talents trust local agencies more whether they are online or function from their cozy hides in brick and mortar establishments.

This brings us back to the question. Are all headhunters the same?

No they are not headhunting has become as specialized as the industry or business ecosystems they are catering. Thus most often agencies in same locality would be seeking a different share in the category or to looking into a specific niche. The trend flow has to be gauzed now and them and then the focus should swift to what is trending. As technologies fade out and new ones replaces them. Thus headhunters should keep on updating.

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