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Discover Pench National Park were Mowgli the wolf child lived. The destination is one of the best places in India to sight tigers the elusive big cats. A picuresque destination, it is one of the best places to make a holiday and enjoy the luxury in the resorts.  

Hidden deep in inaccessible remote confines of far-off region in Central India is the land of the tigers. Mowgli once lived here in company of wolf pack and the story has gone global. A bizarre tale of man cub living in the company of wolves far away from human settlements. The novel “Jungle Book” by novelist Rudyard Kipling is an eternal account of life in the jungles of Seooni Hills. It is a fascinating mix of trials and travails of survival in the wild.  

In the periphery of the park,Guest Posting thousands of Mowgli survive living in the quaint hamlets near the forests. Interaction with Sher Khan the legendary tiger is on daily bases for those who venture into the jungles in search of wood for fire and to pick wild herbs and shoots. No harm comes to them as the big cats kill only for food and we are not a part of their diet. They survive by the rule of the food chain that preserves the ecosystem from destruction.

The most enigmatic creature on Earth is an elusive beast but can be seen with relative ease in the jungles of Seoni Hills which encompass Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh or Central India. An encounter in the wild with the tiger is an unforgettable experience, the charisma and grace is simply overpowering. This is what the adventurers like to experience and Pench is the right place.

Whether you are a holiday maker, wildlife enthusiast or a lens men head straight for this panoramic tiger landscape and make your journey a big success. Enjoy your stay in Pench in company of wild brethren.  The resort hotels will organize perfect jungle safari for you. Explore untouched pristine wilderness in luxury and comfort. The salubrious air, peace and quiet will fill you with exuberance after a long stay in the urban confines embroiled in exhausting rat race.   

The tiger reserve is an outlet for letting out the steam a hectic urban life creates. The suffocating confines of urban landscapes can make you sick, but not the reserve even if you spend your whole life in the jungles and between the animals. Experience the serenity and couple it with wild adventures and you will be hooked for life. No wonder tiger tourism is increasing year on year in India and in this park especially due to the ease of the sightings, amazing biodiversity and an aura that prevails. The excursion in the wilderness is best way to make a holiday or simply recuperate.

The sighting of wild animals is exhilarating, if your safari is well organized you will enjoy the most. All you need is request for permit booking at the resort hotel you are planning to stay. Yes, you need a permit for the jeep safaris conducted two times a day. You can also book yourself by visiting MP Online Portal.   

Well organized jeep safari at Pench is exciting and full of animal sighting. Tiger is the main focus but a sight of sloth bear or a leopard will thrill equally. There are many antelopes and deer beside the massive bison that will offer you a chance to capture scintillating pictures. For wildlife photographers and professional film makers the destination is indispensable. The well laid out infrastructure, rules and regulations, and large tourism area enable grand success.

The destination is ripe for bird watching in winters whence migrants arrive, but the residents are equally attractive and summer forays will be as successful. You can discover more than two hundred birds at this National Park in Central India. The huge wetland dam Totlah Doh is good place for watching shore and water birds.

For exciting tiger safari and bird watching get packing now. Remember the park is closed during the monsoon from 1st July to end of September. Fetch your binoculars, spotting scope and best photography equipment along for unending thrill in the jungles.      

Accessibility is easy, fly to New Delhi, than fly to Nagpur, drive straight to Pench and be there in one hour. You can also drive from Kanha National Park or Jabalpur Airport which are more than 200 km of fun ride. Summers are telling and hence more suitable for domestic crowd but if you are a professional film maker or photographer you will not mind the heat. Animals congregate near the water holes in the park in the dry season and offer the best opportunity for lens men.

The reputed luxury accommodations in Pench are ideal for an extended stay. They provide three-star amenities and modern facilities at the resort.  The service is admirable and so is the hospitality you will relive everyday of your visit to Kipling Country.   

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