Here's What's Stopping You from a Great Career Change!

Aug 23


Leanna Fredrich

Leanna Fredrich

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You are longing for a career change. One that makes your heart sing. One that will cause you to leap out of bed Monday morning. (Well maybe not leap but at least feel great about work!)


You are longing for a career change. One that makes your heart sing.  One that will cause you to leap out of bed Monday morning,Here's What's Stopping You from a Great Career Change! Articles (Well maybe not leap but at least feel great about work.) You are longing for a career change. Maybe you have been wishing for your own business but are not sure what that business would be.  Why haven't you already found that career?  Part of the answer may be that you do not know what career you want but there is another block to you moving forward – Limiting Beliefs.  I have found in my Life Coaching practice that limiting beliefs are the greatest obstacle to people moving forward towards their dreams. 

Think about your dream for a career change.  When you imagine your career the way you want it, what do you start thinking about?  Do you think thoughts like...."I am too old to make a career change."  "I could never make enough money in a career I loved."  "Starting my own business would take too much time."  "I'm not smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, outgoing enough..."  These "lovely" little tapes in our heads are beliefs - limiting beliefs.  They are what makes reaching your dreams a struggle.  They are the very things that cause you to procrastinate, make excuses and ignore taking action towards your goal.

Where did these limiting beliefs come from?  From just about everywhere- our society, friends, parents, teachers, TV.  We, for whatever reason chose to believe these statements and make them true for us.  When we choose a belief then we began looking around for support.  The beliefs are in our subconscious and the job of our subconscious is to make us right.  When we choose a belief like, "I could never make enough money in a career I loved" we quickly look around and see examples of others who have careers they love but very little cash.  Over the years we gather more support for our belief until we firmly believe it is the TRUTH!  The fact is if we had chosen the opposite belief, "I can make wonderful amounts of money in a career I love." then we would have gathered support and examples to make that belief true for us and guess what?  If we hold that belief then nothing would stop us from having a lucrative career we loved.  You see we don't get what we want we get what we believe we deserve.  When we change our beliefs we absolutely change our life!

I can hear you saying, "Alright let's get rid of these nasty beliefs!  How do I do it?"  The first step is to bring them into the light.  Most of us go through life without looking at what is going on in our brains that is making life a struggle. So just getting those beliefs out of your head and onto a piece of paper is powerful.  What are the beliefs that are stopping you?  Take a minute to write down all the beliefs that may be stopping you from making an exciting career change.  Write them down no matter how outrageous they are. 

Take a look at your limiting beliefs.  How have they cost you?  Not just financially but emotionally, physically?  Our limiting beliefs are there to supposedly keep us safe but instead they hurt us.  They keep us from even trying for what we want most.  They keep us from believing in our abilities to reach our dreams..

The next step is to read your beliefs over and ask yourself, "What beliefs do I need to have to support me in finding work I love?"  Take a minute to write those beliefs down.  Many times they are just the opposite of the limiting beliefs we have.  For example, your limiting belief may be "I am too old to make a career change."  Your new supporting belief could be, "I have all the experience and energy I need to make a wonderful career change."  Now that you have written down your new beliefs, read them over 2-3 times per day.  At first when you read them they will feel like lies but stick with it.  Soon you will begin to believe them.  Also spend time daily looking for support for your new beliefs.  You have years of examples to support your limiting beliefs so we need to build a foundation of support for your new ones.  Look around for people that are doing what you wish to do.  Find people either in person or in books and the media that have jobs and lives they love.  Give the new beliefs as much support as you can every day!

You may have some beliefs that are so ingrained that they are quite difficult to get rid of.  There are a couple tools I use in my Life Coaching which quickly remove limiting beliefs. One tool is called the "Emotional Freedom Technique" (EFT) and the other is Psych K.  If you are interested, contact me through my website:

Getting rid of limiting beliefs is the single most important step you can take for your career and your life.  When you have beliefs that support you then nothing can stop you from finding the career of your dreams.  You will move forward with ease and joy for it is those nasty beliefs that keep you struggling.   Start today to replace them and then move forward towards your amazing career!