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As a professional Interior Designer/Home Stager, I can tell you that it pays off for the homeowner to have their home "staged" for the market. The benefits are amazing! Staged homes bring in a higher value price and sell fast!

Designing a home to sell takes special skill in that the interiors must be designed,Guest Posting specifically, to appeal to all potential buyers. To accomplish this one must learn the skill of "attention to details". As a stager, I always start with a full inspection of the "hard" surfaces of the home. Paying special attention to any repairs that need to be addressed. Hard surfaces are all aspects of the home that are stationary. Flooring, dry wall, windows and fixtures. Moving on to the cosmetics of the home we outline items that must be edited. Next we make note of upgrades that will bring the homeowner a greater profit and enhance the appearance of the home. Upgrades usually consist of new counter tops, carpeting, paint and etc. Once all of the these issues are addressed we move to the actual "staging" process. Staging a home to show in the market is an absolute must! One must know the concept of balance, function and scale as well as styles, color coordination and the application of "focal points" for each room. Professional Home Stagers have the appropriate training in design and staging to ensure that a home is perfectly designed to appeal to all potential buyers taste. Everything is done for the home in the "staging" process. Furniture placement to tablescaping with accessories, hanging art and lighting. Proper staging will appeal to all of the five senses. Sight, sound, scent, touch and taste. All potential buyers that enter into the "staged" home should connect with the home emotionally. Most often they do and this is where multiple offers come into play or an offer that exceeds the asking price. At Home Stages Designs we cater to perfection. Our goal is to "set the stage" for a top dollar sale! We offer individual training ebooks to assist the home seller or home stager at our website www.Homestages.com . We also offer our Complete Home Staging Training on CD-ROM for those with the desire to enter into the Home Staging industry. No previous interior design degree is needed with this course as we include the basic interior design training you will need as well as our business manual to assist you in the staging process and to develop your own company. We offer certification with the training course so you will not need additional training. This training is all inclusive and will get you started in your own Home Staging business fast. Come visit our site today! We would love to assist you! www.Homestages.com

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