How To Make Your Career In Import-Export Trade?

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Need to know how to make your career in export and import trade in India? Here we have a short brief to do so

Today,Guest Posting a majority of people in India ate struggling to finding a right job or planning to start up a business. The import and export business in India are so much competitive that it’s very hard to for a new person to ground his feet in the market. Most of the time aspiring entrepreneurs are discouraged by many folks owing to their lack of business awareness. Government is planning to strengthen a more efficient import and export business in India. Thus, trained personnel who have completed their course in Export-Import management will be in great demand. There are many institutes that offer courses to train students in foreign exchange, Shipping and Logistics, supply chain management, international trade to name a few. These courses in India provide ample amount of theoretical and practical knowledge about the import export procedures with in-hand experience of various export procedure and documentation in India

There are a number of international trade job prospects that are available in the market for the newly graduates. But people are unaware about the opportunities in import export trade market which is expanding substantially in India. It provides tremendous scope for students to carve a successful career in import export management. It’s beneficial to join the experienced institute of international marketing studies to acquire maximum knowledge about the industry. Several aspirants who are working in the sector may not be well versed with all the rules and export procedure and documentation in India. Lack of awareness may create a hassle in the way of growth in the career. It’s advisable to brush up the knowledge and get up to date with the current policies and procedures.               

Here are the top 2 vocational courses offered in India that have proven to help aspirants get a stable job and better earning opportunities.

  1. Advanced Certificate in international trade: Many institutes in India are providing the Indian Merchant Chamber recognized international trade courses. These courses are designed for the students, who are willing to get an employment or want to start their own business. This course comprises six papers with the detailed study on international marketing, export finance, banking and exchange regulations, export procedure & documentation, import procedure, foreign trade policy along with the focus on specific case studies. These international trade courses are offered with an intention to give complete working knowledge of current international import and export business. The course is also available in correspondence.


  1. Advanced Certificate in Logistics and Supply chain: India’s international trade is growing rapidly. This logistics and supply chain management course is not only for the students who want to make a career in international trade business but also for the professionals who are working in the industry but want to refresh their knowledge. Course syllabus contains eight papers such as concept of logistics and supply chain management, inventory and stock control, warehousing, shipping operations, transportation infrastructure, business finance and organizational behavior. This course is recognized by the Indian Merchant Chamber.


Remember these international marketing courses in India are the gateway to the domestic and international export trade. They are designed and developed with aim to provide effective coaching about the import and export business. Without lack of awareness, many youngsters are in a dilemma about the potential job prospects. These international marketing courses give a practical knowledge about the industry. Faculties in these institutes have ample amount of working experience in import and export business.

Many reputed institutes are offering international trade courses at affordable fees that is backed by a significant amount of experience which they have gained. You can check online and choose the one that meets your expectations and aspirations.

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