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In one of the LIFE workshops held recently at Chennai,Guest Posting Swami Sukhabodhananda asked the participants a very deep sighted question as are they experiencing the experience in totality or ‘experiencing’ the ‘experience’ as their ‘experience’?  Answer to the above question has a very far reaching effect in making the man total, complete & absolutely happy if he dares to introspect and question himself. 

How this question can be related to the corporate?  Before we draw any parallel between the above two, we need to understand and decode the meaning of the very question deeply.  What is the true meaning of the experience?  Experience is nothing but a time at which one is passing through an event.  The event can be joy or sorrow or pain or pleasure. 

To be more precise, let us assume an experience of a new food as an example.  Generally when one tastes totally a new food, invariably the person pollutes the experience of the new food with his/her pre-conceived experiences of various foods or the expectation of how a new food should be.  Instead of understanding or enjoying the new food and to know more about it, the earlier version of the food and the comparison of the new versus old totally pollute the very experience. 

It is a customary practice or an occupational necessity that every result the corporate employee has to compare with the result of the past and also he has to read its future implications.  They never see any result as ‘what it is’ than ‘what it is’ in relation to the past or what it conveys for the future.


For example, the total profit achieved in a particular year, the finance or marketing or other related function has to compare with the past and only in comparison, they should experience the result. 

When people are trained constantly to experience anything and everything only in the light of the past data, they often miss the bliss of the moment and never ‘experience’ the ‘experience’ but only experience their ‘experience’. 

The animals more often than not, fail to experience the experience due to some unknown fear.  When a tiger or lion or panther get a hunt, before even they start eating the kill, they watch carefully to make sure that no other competitor is around.  Most animals are naturally evolved with the trait of eating or doing anything with great speed.  It appears that, they hardly experience the experience and some unknown reasons known to pollute the very experience itself in the animal world. 

When animals fail to experience the present due to a futuristic thinking of a present threat, man succumb to his/her past and allows the past to pollute the very experience in the present. 

Animals are evolved as either prey or predator and hence they can afford to behave in the same manner but why man should do so?  The corporate employees should draw a distinction between their corporate necessities and life in totality.  Get trained in various areas, but do not loose your basic/native qualities of a total and complete human being. 

Learn the art of managing life effectively from Swami Sukhabodhananda and be happy & successful in all walks of your life.           

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