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What makes a good leader? Leadership is rarely just about leading. It is about identifying potential in an individual, company or group and then helping them to unlock that potential. Leadership isn't telling people what to do; it's about showing the way and inspiring people to follow.

An age old saying goes that; 'managers do things right,Guest Posting leaders do the right thing.' Having a leader is particularly important in organisations, from small family companies to large corporate businesses. It represents structure and every business, organisation and group needs structure to forge ahead successfully. The term being a good leader means that you inspire others to follow your example. You are leading people to success and you are responsible for the actions that are taken to do this. Great leaders are sought after by all large organisations. Great leaders are worth their weight in gold because they get things done and they inspire others to get things done. So just what attributes does it take to achieve this? What are the qualities of a good leader?

1. They are proactive rather than reactive. This basically means they can anticipate what is required, plan ahead to avoid disruption and get things done, calling on the right members of the team at the right time. Drumming up enthusiam and seeking team participation.

2. They know themselves. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are also aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their team. They inspire people to be the best they can be by being a mentor. They play to their strengths and train to improve their weaknesses. They know they are not always right and bring together the right people to obtain different points of view. They highlight weakness in their team and suggest training to improve those weaknesses.

3. They go the extra mile. It may be giving a member of the team their support over a personal issue, or putting in extra hours to get the job done. A good leader isn't a 9 to 5 person, they are flexible with a good character and completely committed.

4. They know their limits. They know they don't know everything. A know-all in a company is a dangerous employee. True leaders may make the ultimate decision but they will ensure they gather all the relevant information from trusted sources to enable them to make the decision.

5. They are visionaries. Through experience they are able to see creative solutions where others see none. They are constantly seeking and identifying new possibilities and looking for ways to progress those possibilities.

6. They adapt easily to change. Change within a company is what keeps it fresh, above its competitors and away from bankruptcy. Good leaders see change as a challenge and embrace it whole heartedly.

By choosing the right leader for your organisation you are climbing the ladder of success.  Good leaders will help employ the right staff based not just on their skill set but also their attitude. Having the right team behind your company, with fully motivated staff and great leadership qualities can only enhance your company's reputation and productivity.

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