Role of body mechanism and mind mechanism in your happiness

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How to be happy without a cause, asked Swami Sukhabodhananda to his students, the way to be .....

Can you be happy without a cause,Guest Posting asked Swami Sukhabodhananda to his students during a LIFE workshop?  People may wonder as how happiness is possible without a cause? Humanity is familiar only with happiness derived from objects or objects oriented/dependent happiness. 

When something is achieved or obtained, people become happy.  Simultaneously, they also become sad when they could not achieve or obtain certain other things.  How many of our achievements loose its glory and charm with time, so is the happiness also.  Is our happiness a guest who would come & stay with us for a short while where our interest would progressively decline and decrease from day one to the day the guest will be leaving our house?  Is it like happiness would appear one day, stay for a while and then disappear? 

When people sleep, are they happy or sad?  In deep sleep, neither sad feelings nor the sonnets of happiness knock our mind.  How the mind can be so calm and completely free from past, present and future during our sleep? 

When mind can be so empty during our deep sleep, how when we are awake our mind is full of worries and feelings?

How are we sensing our joy or sorrow? Definitely and certainly only with the help of our sense organs alone we recognize and sense our joy and sorrow.  In brief, we recognize them only through our ‘body mechanism’.  Unfortunately, we are yet to understand that happiness and joy has to be sensed and recognized through our ‘mind mechanism’ and not through the ‘body mechanism’. 

When people learn to elevate the state of their happiness above the jurisdiction of the senses, it becomes non object oriented state of happiness.   Once the source of the happiness is elevated to non-object influenced or dependent state then the happiness without a cause becomes possible.   Once you derive such state, you can live with higher self & values, free from prejudice and sorrow, free from ‘mine’ and ‘I’ doctrine.  You can be happy forever and your happiness will not be touched by anything and everything perceived or processed by the sense organs.  You will never let your brain or your past or future thoughts to pollute or adulterate your happiness.     

People need to work hard to free their happiness from the tentacles of sense organs and redefine the object derived or dependent ‘happiness’. 

Fragrance is not the flower and beauty is not the very object.  Your brain process and redefine the above to elicit an appropriate response.  Take your happiness above your brain and allow your ‘mind mechanism’ to process it and redefine. 


It is like injecting a medicine into our blood stream.  The needle (object) is used to pierce the skin and muscle to release the drug.  Once the drug is released, the needle (object) is withdrawn or removed.  Similarly, let your sense organs only acts like a needle and the happiness be like the drug.  The drug only augments the system.  Learn to remove the object or the cause, only then you can be happy without a cause.    

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