Senior Teacher Jobs: The Challenges and Qualifications

Oct 27


Bei Maniago

Bei Maniago

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The article is all about the challenges that senior teachers are facing and the qualifications needed to make it to this job.


Senior teacher jobs are privileged positions. They have more responsibilities,Senior Teacher Jobs: The Challenges and Qualifications Articles but more doors are also open to them. Most teaching posts are on the way towards senior posts. It is a much sought-after position. But are the privilege and the benefits worth all the effort it entails to balance all the various responsibilities of senior teachers?


Senior teacher jobs are usually granted to teachers who have gained enough expertise and experience. There are plenty of senior teacher jobs around. Senior teachers are usually focused on certain areas of specialization. These are called senior specialist teachers. However, there are senior teachers who are not focused on special areas. They are called senior staff teachers.


Senior teachers should have a lot of management skills. It is their responsibility to set a good example for the teaching staff. If there are any changes or improvements that need to be implemented, senior teachers should be the ones who must lead the way. For those changes to be actualized, the senior teacher should take the initiative so that others would follow him or her. This means that the ultimate teaching standards in a school lie upon the senior teacher’s performance, because it is what the other teachers follow.


Of course, they should also have extensive knowledge and mastery of the subject that they teach. Aside from teaching skills and subject knowledge, senior teachers should have excellent planning skills as well. Part of their responsibilities is to design syllabus for the classes, develop learning materials, and test the progress of the teachers under his or her supervision. The performance of the teaching staff lies upon how the senior teacher supervises and tracks their progress. They also have the duty to observe teachers at a regular basis. Any problems a teacher may have should first be coursed through the senior teacher before being brought to the attention of the administration.


Senior teachers also retain their teaching responsibilities, despite the fact that they also have managerial responsibilities. This shows that they also need to have leadership skills. This is very important because the core of being a senior teacher is to lead in the proper implementation of teaching strategies. If ordinary teachers are faced with the challenge of dealing with children and maintaining discipline, then more effort and skills are necessary for the senior teacher. He or she should be more adept at handling the students and the whole class. If not, the other teachers will not follow the lead. Aside from such qualifications, there are also some requirements to become a senior teacher. This is to be expected, since a senior teacher job post is not a starting position. It is a position gained after obtaining a certain level of expertise and experience in teaching.


The additional requirements and responsibilities are of course paired with a higher compensation rate. Depending on the offer of different schools, senior teachers gain a lot of benefits. Of course, senior teachers are also next in line to the head teacher and, eventually, the school administration. Also, as a senior teacher, the additional responsibilities also equate to more opportunities to continue growing in terms of career and of knowledge and skills.