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The need to educate teachers arose a few decades ago with rapid development of knowledge, technologies and innovations. Nowadays teachers have to learn more than their students in order to provide professional and highly qualified teaching services.

In an attempt to boost student achievement,Guest Posting a public-school district teamed with a university to put strategies in place that would support teachers in the process of shifting from teacher-centered approaches to student--centered strategies. The study proved beneficial for both students and teachers. Students gained benefits of having more than one teacher in the class, which meant receiving more time for individualized attention. Teachers also gained more insight about strategies for approaching the disadvantaged population of students. Additional help for teachers and firsthand experience for student teachers provided them with opportunities to focus on particular problems with students.

The method was implemented in three elementary schools with the lowest performance ratings and high concentrations of the students classified as economically disadvantaged. Socioeconomic and lunch status were used as determining factors. Data were collected over a five-year period. Data from interviews, observations, lesson plans and student work were used as data to evaluate the process. Connections were made between teacher beliefs, instructional behaviors and factors that affected student achievement. To determine the process’s success, data gathered was used in conjunction with results from test data. Results from the third year of the program showed positive end results. Over ninety percent of all students passed the reading, writing and mathematics sections of the state’s testing instrument. Targeted campuses received “exemplary” performance ratings.

By pinpointing and improvising improvements, teachers become decision makers. They are also held more responsible for their professional growth and the achievement of their students. Suggestions are to be based on individual and the collective needs of the student clientele and suggestions from peers. In addition, student teachers are able to connect realistic situations with methodologies.

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