Why Does Your Workplace Need a Learning Calendar?

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What are the three critical elements of an infectious learning culture? Boost your employees' ownership of learning,Guest Posting perfect your compliance training game, and promote personal development? And how do you achieve all of them in one go? By developing a full-fledged, comprehensive learning calendar. When you own and properly maintain a training calendar, you can reap multiple benefits. Let us see what the various upsides of having one in your organisation are. Learn more: corporate learning

The Upsides of a Learning Calendar

You can use a learning calendar to:

  • Keep track of the upskilling process of your employees
  • Make a proper schedule of when and how to onboard + train recruits
  • Maintain a consistent compliance training schedule
  • Share information about training requirements with your peers
  • Create a culture of learning

How to Create a Learning Calendar?

The design of a learning calendar depends on what type of training culture you want to create in your company. For instance, if your development strategy is collaborative, your workforce will have to be responsible for their learning needs and requesting training opportunities. Again, if your culture is individualised, the HR team or group supervisor will manage the training system. The calendar will concentrate on compliance training or a strategy to close skills gaps in such a case.

An interactive training calendar is a perfect option when every staff member has access to opportunities. Here, employees are encouraged to take on available training to develop as much as possible. We also have personal or team training calendars, which are designed especially for people responsible for managing the personal and professional development of the workforce. Yes, there are multiple methods of making a learning calendar. But the best design is the one that motivates employees to take ownership of their development process. Learn more: online learning management system

A Detailed Analysis of Why Your Organisation Needs a Learning Calendar

Manage Compliance Training

Compliance training is vital since adhering to specific rules and regulations is legally inevitable for almost all corporates. Hence, it would be best if you made it a point to dedicate set hours to decide who needs to do what and when. Giving employees specific time to do their training also means that compliance training becomes an integrated part of the job. Several companies find it challenging to deliver compliance training because employees find the sessions monotonous or do not understand the importance. You can solve this issue by setting aside specific time to do training.

Share Upcoming Training Opportunities

As an organisation, you might come up with several opportunities. These can be in the form of skills workshops, conferences, presentation skills lectures. And you never know who might want to get involved. A training calendar will enable you to schedule potential training days.

Promote a Learning Culture

A culture of continuous learning leads to the creation of a healthier, happier workplace. Why? Your workforce is motivated to learn more and to bring more. To embed a learning culture in your company, one of the primary requirements is to create a collection of learning-centred organisational values, practices, and conventions. One of the best ways forward here is to develop a learning contract. A learning contract enables you to gauge the training needs and wants in your organisation.

Close Skill Gaps

Not everyone in a team is equally efficient. Some of your employees may lack essential soft skills, such as good communication or emotional intelligence. Others might not have the required hard skills. In both these cases, you can use a learning calendar to manage skills within your existing workforce. You can then plan opportunities to close skills gaps. Learn more: corporate training platform

Bottom Line

You can also use a training calendar as evidence. For instance, suppose someone is leaving the company. In this case, a training calendar can demonstrate that opportunities were made available to fix the problem, behaviour or skill deficit through informal means and training. Do you wish to learn more about designing the perfect learning calendar as per your specific organisational requirements? Then, you can instantly contact our experts at PlayAblo!


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