Why people diverting towards Indo-western dresses?

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Indo-western attire are a combination of Indian and western fashion. With the growing publicity of the Indian fashion in the western nations, the integration of women’s clothing designs has become inevitable. See why and how Indo-western dresses capture a stand in Indian market.

Nowadays women’s attire took a great stand in Indian market,Guest Posting because of the innovative designs with western combinations. The attire of the essential Indo-Western ensemble is the trouser suit - a short kurta and a dupatta. More recent designs frequently present sleeveless tops and trousers with cuts.

Indo-western attire are a combination of Indian and western fashion. With the growing publicity of the Indian fashion in the western nations, the integration of women’s clothing designs has become inevitable. Women from India residing in the west still like to put on typical salwar kameez and sarees, but women, those belonging to the younger generation like to wear Indo-Western attires.

Gown is the attire from western culture. It is considered as wedding dress from the middle age, it was fully covered at that time, having long sleeves, full covered till neck and majorly white in color. Currently fashion industry took a great variation that there are many types of gowns available with rich designs. Today, gowns became sleeveless and designed for easy alteration and fit correctly. It’s also in list of Indo-western dresses; it has become very lovable attire for party wear.

Anyhow, there could be many reasons for people divert towards Indo-western dresses, let’s see some of the main reasons

Modernization in India

The Indian culture is a very old culture and is staying the same however, now the western culture is changing it to become more modern. Today, the western media are now making many people in India especially teenagers dressing more modernly like jeans, tee shirts, etc. Modernization has also enabled to increase the economic growth of India.

Influenced by western culture

Western culture is considered as the most advanced culture on the globe, they are conquering their impression on Indian roots since the end of 19th century. Western culture has shown a great influence on Indian society. This could be for the multiple reasons like fascination, dreamy autonomy, etc., which are somehow absent in Indian culture. Western culture conveys and promotes the ideas and values of advanced civilization across people of India.

Gives very attractive look

We all have seen that some of the western attire designs are literally awesome. Indian attires gives more formal look while wearing clothes like Sarees and Salwar Kameez. During globalization Indian people leaving in western countries started adopting Indo-western attires. Indian designers give some revolutionary designs for Indo-western attires. These designs were so attractive that people accept and started wearing it.

Peer pressure

Some women / girls at schools and colleges give in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or because they worry that other may make fun of them if they do not go along with the group. Others may go along because they are curious to try something new that others are doing. The idea that "everyone is doing it" may influence some more to ignore their better judgment or their common sense.

Convenient to wear dresses

Comforts come first while selecting attires. Sarees being formal wear are quite hard to drape. Indo-Western attires are so comfortable that Indian women love to wear it. Basically, these attires come full stitched or semi-stitched. Majorly these attires are adopted by working women’s, as they have to play multiple roles like, mother, wife, sister, daughter in law and at last as an employee of some country. 

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