Microsoft Not to Bailout Internet Viruses and Malware

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Microsoft puts every effort to let you stay productive with your Windows-based machine. An array of security, repair, and maintenance features like Action Center, Windows Defender, User Account Control, Windows Update, Windows Firewall, Microsoft Fix It, etc. exist to ease your job.

Microsoft seems to have raised its alarm against Internet vulnerabilities. Unraveling the Windows 7 security checklist proves the fact. These features help you to take measured steps to counteract those and keep on enjoying computing in a smooth and secure manner. Read this Microsoft review,Guest Posting and learn as how to use these repair and maintenance features to keep your Windows-based machine in a sound condition.Action Center: This monitors the pulse of your computer; any security concerns whether it’s related new malware breaching, change in the status of firewall and running security product or installation of any new piece of hardware, the platform brings quick notifications.  Red items indicate a high priority message that needs instant response, such as an outdated antivirus program that needs updating. Yellow items are suggested tasks that you should consider addressing, like recommended maintenance tasks. It’s placed in the Control Panel, under System and Security.Windows Defender: This is strictly designed to secure your PC against Internet threats specifically the spyware or that master in privacy invasion or identity stealing. The product offers real-time and on-demand protection. You can scan your PC ‘as’ and ‘when’ required or can schedule it run on regular basis without intervention. To keep itself updated the feature relies on the Windows Update.User Account Control: User Account Control asks for your permission whenever your PC comes in touch with a new files or device. Thus, a corresponding notification is generated the moment any malicious file comes in contact. Depending upon the degree of importance you can take the desired steps. Windows Update: This is an important platform to keep your system updated. The feature can be used on a broad scope by amending the settings of the Windows Update. It will stream and install not only updates for Windows but also for other Microsoft products including Office, Internet Explorer, Windows Defender, Windows Live and others. Set Windows Update to download and install the latest updates for your computer automatically. Windows Firewall: Windows Firewall is the protection through which the inbound and outbound traffics have to make their way. Depending upon set rules and behavior of files and data packets it can block or allow those to enter or leave your machine.  Thereby it plays a vital role in computer security. Depending upon your requirement you can set those rules.The software giant further eases the repair and maintenance jobs with Microsoft Fix It, the automated troubleshooting tool. Whenever a problem surfaces, your system will suggest you to run the tool. Just click on the “Fix Now” button and remaining will be taken care by it automatically. To clear off security vulnerabilities you can use Windows Defender. Microsoft Security Essentials is another advanced version available for the recent Windows Vista or Windows 7 based machine.If you are still away from solution, then it’s better to navigate for Microsoft Support and let experts do that. They can either take remote access of your system or can help you over the phone to get related computer problems fixed instantly.  Nowadays, this remote service module is getting extremely popular over the local PC repair service, owing to its speedy and reliable resolution on real-time.

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