5 Critical Key Features of MDM Solutions

Apr 7




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Besides remote data wiping, a company could also track a device location with an MDM system.


With the growing usage of mobile devices in the corporate world,5 Critical Key Features of MDM Solutions  Articles modern enterprises need a cost-efficient solution to manage their workforce's devices and optimise them for business purposes. Additionally, the multifaceted nature of the mobile ecosystem, and the urgent necessity to control the threat arising from it, led companies to rely on mobile devices management solutions. So, here are the 5-must-have features one should look at MDM solutions.  

Data Security  

One of the prime challenges today's businesses face with mobile devices is to keep their network and information secure. Business data for a company is as important as money in the bank account. MDM solutions incorporate a wide range of features that enhance data security and help manage multiple devices in an organisation. Additionally, it offers inbound and outbound monitoring for sensitive information and prevents data loss.    

Remote Data Wiping  

In the event of a device being lost or stolen, MDM services offered by Managed IT services providers help lock and wipe the data remotely. The device management software allows IT administrators to troubleshoot the mobile device from a single management console remotely. It is a great way to prevent unauthorised access of critical business information and reduce the chances of data falling into the wrong hands even if others access the device.   

Device Location Tracking  

The geographical positioning system lets companies always know about the physical location of devices, which is crucial, especially when the device carries sensitive business information. This feature is useful for emergencies like earthquakes, floods, or any situation where employees lose their devices and need immediate help recovering them.   

Support BYOD  

Mobile devices have become an integral part of today's workforce since it helps them improve their work efficiency. However, using personal devices can invade business security. Employees using their devices are often unable to balance between business security and individuals' privacy. In such a case, an MDM solution will come to the rescue and help the business achieve its goal.  

Data Access Control  

Since employees access corporate information from their personal devices, organisations must ensure that only authorised users can use the information. For corporate sensitive information security, the business should activate authentication and identity measures to identify the users. Additionally, MDM offers one notch higher security by providing biometric authentication of users rather than a normal situation where access is granted over passwords.  


By establishing comprehensive MDM software within the premise, a business can efficiently manage the advantages of a flexible work environment without worrying about network security. While thinking of deploying an MDM solution, keep the aforementioned features in mind and ensure that the system seamlessly integrates with the existing application system and IT infrastructure.  

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