Benefits of Operator Assisted Conference Calls

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What are the benefits of operator assisted conference audio calls?

More and more organizations choose to communicate using teleconferencing. This method of communication allows participants to speak to each other no matter the distance between them. This method saves businesses a lot of money that may have otherwise been spent on travel and travel-related expenses.

Any organization that would like to avail of teleconferencing services,Guest Posting can subscribe to either a reservation-less call or operator assisted conference call services from any major telecommunications companies. There are many different packages available depending on the conferencing needs.

Most organizations though prefer to take advantage of the assisted call services. This is because it makes the teleconferencing procedure easier and simpler.

Assisted conference calls are different from other con-calls as they have the added benefit of having an facilitator to manage the calls. Participants will have no need to remember passcodes or have the need to dial the predetermined number that connects to the conference. The facilitator will be the one to call each and every participant, make the necessary introductions of the participants in the conference, and moderates any question and answer sessions between the participants. This leads to a more orderly meeting that avoids confusion and having an operator make the call means that no participant will be late.

The facilitator can also assist participants on how to properly use their telephone equipment to maximize their use during the conference. Conference calls can be recorded for future reference and for playback should there be any clarification required. They can also conduct polls should such polls be needed.

Any problems that may occur during the teleconference can be dealt with by the operator and any needed calls can be made to reconnect participants who may gotten disconnected during the meeting. As there may be cases where participants are hesitant to do the calling to re-connect to the conference due to long distance phone charges, the operator can make the call to that participant instead.

Another big advantage of having an assisted conference call is that it looks more professional especially if the conference call is between different organizations. The facilitator can also screen calls and ensure that only the participants who are required to attend the meeting are present.

Having operator assisted conference calls takes the stress out of having to disseminate information about the details of the conference and making sure everyone has the correct passcode. This is especially true if there are participants that are on the go at the time of the meeting.

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