Choosing The Right Glassware For Your Cocktail

Sep 16


Georgie Hawthorne

Georgie Hawthorne

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Are you looking at becoming an amateur mixologist with your own home bar? Looking forward to an enjoyable time mixing up drinks and cocktails for family and friends? What a great idea!


If you are looking at creating your own home bar,Choosing The Right Glassware For Your Cocktail Articles then you should stock up on some favourite drinks that can be enjoyed both neat as well as mixed as cocktails. Having a few craft spirits to round off your collection of beverages, with their range of flavours and aromas is certainly a must. Craft gin, whiskey, vodka, wine and even some artisan beer for those light drinkers will be the perfect additions to your home bar.


A very important aspect of starting your home bar though, is having the right glassware, because each drink is different and in order to savour its flavours and aromas, it should be consumed in the right glass. Certain beverages should be closer to your nose when drinking, so that it enhances the drinker’s senses with its exquisite aroma creating a taste extravaganza, while for certain other drinks you will need to have tall glasses to be able to boost the flavour with added ingredients.


Here are a few must-have glasses for your home bar.

  • Rock Glasses – The Rock Glass is a short glass with thick base, as is ideally used for serving liquor on the rocks or muddled drinks, and can also be used for cocktails such as White Russian, Negroni and Sazerac. This type of glass feels comfortable in your hands, and the thick bottom means that you can enjoy your drink on ice for a longer period of time, while you relax and chat with friends.


  • Highball & Collins Glass – The Highball Glass is a tall narrow one with straight sides, and is used for mixed drinks, while the Collins Glass is slightly taller and narrower. Ideal for a Gin & Tonic made with a delicious craft gin, and also for Rum &Coke, Bloody Mary, Tom Collins, Long Island Iced Tea and of course the classic Mojito. These glasses are also great for virgin cocktails or mocktails, and other non-alcoholic drinks.


  • Snifter Glass – These are glasses with a large balloon shaped bottom, which enables the drinker to cup the glass in their hands, so that the beverage is warm within the glass, enhancing the concentration of aromas. It has a tapered rim which allows you to fully appreciate the flavour and aroma of the drink in your hands. Ideal for drinking Whiskey, Cognac or Brandy.


  • Martini Glass – A cone shaped glass with a long stem, that prevents your hands from warming the drink inside. Can be used for many cocktails in addition to the classic Martinis, such as Cosmopolitans, Brandy Alexander and the Manhattan.


  • Margarita Glass – This is similar to the Martini Glass with a long stem to prevent warming of the drink, but with a wider rim which allows for salting the rim. Best for a Frozen Margarita, a Margarita on the Rocks and for a Frozen Daiquiri.


  • Hurricane Glass – This is a pear-shaped glass with a heavy base and flared top. Ideal for tropical cocktails such as the Hurricane, Pina Colada or Blue Lagoon.


  • Coupe Glass – This glass is usually used to serve Champagne, but is ideal for certain types of cocktails as well, and is great for those people who like to get creative with their drinks because the wide rim allows for very artistic garnishing. These glasses are best for those shaken or stirred drinks. A good choice of glass to serve cocktails such as the Pisco Sour, Whiskey Sour, Dark & Stormy, Gimlet, Kamikaze or a Sidecar.


  • Cordial Glass – These small, stemmed glasses are ideally used for sweet and after-dinner liqueurs.


As you can see, each different type of drink deserves to be served in the perfect glass if you really want the drinker to appreciate and savour its flavour and aroma, whether you are serving some botanical infused craft gin or some deliciously flavourful craft whiskeys, or the perfectly mixed cocktail. The type of glass you use for your drinks will determine if the drink within it is warmed or kept cool, and as you know, when it comes to appreciating alcohol, temperature is everything.


If you are looking to order some fabulously delicious craft spirits for your home bar, then the best option is to select what you want through the many online stores available, who also offer home booze delivery in London and other areas. Keep your home bar stylish and colourful with a wide range of drinks from small batch craft distillers, and enchant your guests with flavoursome and aromatic beverages the next time you entertain at home.