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An overview of the Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol.

The VoIP technology has become so popular in recent years that it is now even integrated into the mobile devices. The mobile VoIP or mVoIP,Guest Posting as it became known, works on the same principles as the regular VoIP. With mVoIP the user can place calls over the internet to all over the world and those calls are considerably cheaper than compared to the calls made through the network of the mobile operator.

If you want to use mVoIP on your mobile phone there are certain requirements that you have to met. First of you will need a smartphone, because an ordinary cell phone doesn't support mVoIP. The smartphone can connect to Internet using different networks and protocols. With a smartphone you can connect to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G networks and have access to internet. The internet is mandatory requirement to make calls with mVoIP technology, after all VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

If your cell phone can connect to internet there is only one other requirement that you will have to meet to make calls with mVoIP. And requirement is to have a smartphone application installed on your phone that supports mVoIP technology. Luckily, there are plenty of smartphone apps which you can choose from if you want to use mVoIP to call Ireland or other countries. Some of the most popular VoIP apps you can use are; Skype, Viber, iCall, Nimbuzz, Fring, Line 2, Truphone, but there are many more which are not as popular.

The mVoIP has one very practical use which is to allow you to save money from the calls you make. For example, most of these apps allow users to make free calls between themselves if they, of course, are using the same app. If you want to call Ireland with Fring or Skype it wouldn't cost you nothing, if the person you want to reach in Ireland is also using the same mVoIP application.

However, making calls over internet to mobile and landline numbers is also a possibility. These calls are not free as like when you have to call someone using the same app. Still, those type of calls are considerable cheaper to make compared to the calls made through the network of the mobile operator. This service is especially useful when you have to make an international call. With mVoIP you can make cheap calls to Ireland using Wi-Fi network or the data plan on your smartphone.

Mobile VoIP is the technology of the future because it allows the users to make cheap or free calls to all over the world. This technology offers such a great service that mobile operators are going to have hard time competing against it.

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