Simple Instructions For Doing a Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

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Looking for simple instructions on how to lookup the owner of a cell phone number?

If you are curious about how to search a cell phone number for a name and address,Guest Posting the rest of this article will lay it out pretty simply and succinctly.

Figuring out the identity of any unknown telephone call isn't difficult to do. You just need to know where to search each kind of telephone number that may call you. A cell phone reverse lookup is done with a type of telephone directory that was established within the last few years. This type of telephone directory is now the most comprehensive resource for looking up every sort of telephone number there is.

In an effort to sort through the possible confusion on this subject, I will explain each kind of telephone directory that exists in detail. So, if you are wondering just how and why these searches are done, all you need to do is take a few more minutes to finish reading the rest of this article.

Public Phone Directories

Public phone directories are free to the general population. You can search listed landline numbers and business numbers with this type of directory. Typically, the results of your search will reveal the caller's name and address.

Fee-Based Phone Directories

There are two types of fee-based phone directories. They each offer information connected to telephone numbers that cannot be found in the public directories.

1) "Bait and Switch" Directories

The first type of fee-based directory will entice searchers to visit their website with the promise of "free" results. But these directories never deliver free results because the information they are offering at "no cost" isn't something they can obtain for free themselves.

Wireless numbers are not considered public information. In other words, the name, address, and other personal information are privately owned by the wireless carriers that service these telephone numbers. These wireless carriers also do not publish any kind of telephone directory available to the public, free or paid.

What they do instead is lease the most current information connected to all of the mobile numbers in their database to third party data brokers. These brokers, otherwise known as reverse cell directories, gather and sort this data into their own private database. So, when you want the results of a mobile phone search, you have to compensate the directory for the costs it incurs for obtaining the information in its database and also keeping it organized and updated.

So, any directory that offers "free" results will invariably let you down for the reasons just discussed. If you want the fastest and most accurate information in connection with any kind of telephone number, not just mobile numbers, you will have to find a directory that is up front about its costs and maintains a huge database of telephone numbers that is continually updated.

2) Reputable Reverse Cell Phone Directories

A respected and reliable directory to perform a cell phone reverse lookup with will maintain a database of over 200 million telephone numbers. You will be able to search any kind of telephone number here. This list includes the listed landline and business numbers already found in the free directories. On top of that, you will also be able to search fax, VoIP, pager, unlisted, and mobile numbers.

Each report will disclose the caller's first and last name, present address, past residences, telephone carrier, complete list of all past owners of the mobile number searched, names of relatives, alternate phone numbers connected to the caller, estimated age, job title, and much more.

Each purchase is also backed up with an unconditional money-back guarantee by the better directories. In fact, if a directory does not make it very simple and easy to recover all of your money should you not be satisfied with the information disclosed in your purchased report for any reason, I would look for another directory to perform your cell phone reverse lookup with.

Additional Benefits of Working With a Reliable Reverse Mobile Phone Directory

When you find a good directory to work with that provides comprehensive and fast results for any kind of telephone number, you may want to look into to purchasing a yearly membership.

This membership is much more cost effective than just purchasing the results of single mobile phone searches. A membership allows unlimited searches for a year of certain telephone numbers and also discounts on future mobile phone search results.
Also, you can run even more extensive criminal and civil background reports with the better directories. These reports are sold separately and reveal such things as birth records, marriage records, divorce records, arrest reports, and financial records.

Finally, if you would prefer that nobody else have the ability to perform a cell phone reverse lookup report on you, you can choose to have your personal information removed from the directory's database.

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