New Developments in High Definition TV Programming

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It seems that the one thing that will never change is change itself and this particularly applies to the high tech business of TV programming service. For TV viewers this has always meant that choosing a service provider was always a somewhat difficult decision to make. Satellite TV and cable service providers have been locked in an a seemingly never ending contest of continually working to out do each other with what they had to offer potential customers.

While cable companies have been playing a strong hand with regards to on demand pay per view by offering more options for the viewer. Satellite TV service providers have always focused light on the fact that they had more high definition programming channels to offer,Guest Posting which was correct. The problem for satellite TV service providers was that while they did have a numerical advantage, it just wasn't large enough to over shadow the gains that cable service providsers were making in areas such as standard format channels, digital technology and their ever present on demand advantage. Also, cable service provider were continuing to hint that they were on the verge of having the technology that thy needed to overcome their high definition handicap that has dogged them all along. So people were buying high definition TV sets signing up for cable and then were left twiddling their thumbs waiting for their cable high definition channels.These same cable viewers have now gone from twiddling their thumbs to pounding their fists on tables due to a recent turn of events. It seems that while cable service providers have been giving their viewers high definition broken promises the two leading satellite TV programming service providers have piled on even  more high definition channels to their already massive HD repertoires.At the last count DirecTV  has shot to the lead in the high definition horse race with an unbelievable 75 channels with Dish network holding second place with 38. Thats not all, because they have both made it clear to their viewers that they can expect to have over 100 high definition channels at their disposal in the near future. Cable service providers have never been clear with regards to exactly what it was that was technologically hindering them from being competitive in the high definition arena but it appears that it may be insurmountable. What ever cable service providers are doing with regards to their high definition handicap it appears that it is far too little far too late. In fact with major home electronics manufacturers such as Sony announcing that they are developing a whole new line of high definition TV sets that have even even more pixels in their screens, cable service providers may well know something that the public should know. That is that for cable service it may be the end of the high definition road for them, because they have simply ran out of track, technologically speaking. The bright side of this is that for people who can't receive satellite TV programming,ñljk such as apartment dwellers on the north side of a building cable will be adding more options and services to offset their disadvantage in high definition programming.

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