Nokia N900 vs Nokia N97 mini : The Competition Among Two Siblings

Oct 12


Matthew Christian

Matthew Christian

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Handsets belonging to Nokia's N-series have gained a lot of fame all across the world. Nokia N900 and Nokia N97 Mini are two fabulous handsets from the family of Nokia.

Nokia N900 and Nokia N97 Mini,Nokia N900 vs Nokia N97 mini : The Competition Among Two Siblings Articles both stepped into the market together i.e. in November, 2009. There are several differences in the two handsets and at the same time there are many similarities as well. So, it becomes a bit difficult to make comparison between them.Nokia N900 is a a successor of  Nokia N810 and is a three- in-one device. On the other hand, Nokia N97 Mini is a downsized version of Nokia N97. Both the handsets can be purchased under many mobile phone deals. But if you want to have hands on more stuff other than the handset then go for various tariffs provided under contract deals.

Nokia N97 Mini contract deals are provided by O2, T-mobile, Orange and Vodafone whereas Nokia N900 contract deals are provided by all the three mentioned above except Orange.Nokia N900 is a side slide out, full QWERTY keyboard enabled smart phone. Whereas, Nokia N97 Mini is a tilt slider smart phone that is also equipped with QWERTY keypad. Nokia N900 runs Maemo 5 and powered by ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz with PowerVR SGX530 graphics.

Nokia N97 Mini is running Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5 and is powered by ARM 11 434 MHz processor. But there are chances that Nokia will soon release Nokia N900 embedded with MeeGo software instead of Maemo.Both the handsets are integrated with dual cameras together with dual LED flash and video flash plus have the same photography features. Nokia N97 Deals and Nokia N97 Mini, both are rich in entertainment front and armed with many multimedia players.

The only difference between the two is that, Nokia N900 is embellished with Adobe Flash player 9.4 but Nokia N97 Mini does not have this support.Anyway, after such a long specification train, it completely depends on the buyer whether he wants to go for a compact sized gadget or a hi-tech but somewhat bigger in size three-in-one device.Whatever, is your choice but go for that through Nokia N900 deals or Nokia N97 Mini Deals to avail any of them at affordable price.

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