Precautions for Welding Galvanized Steel Pipe

Apr 7


Lily Chung

Lily Chung

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Precautions for welding galvanized steel pipe.


Galvanized steel pipe is a carbon steel pipe coated with zinc layer. It should be noted that the groove size and handle the nearby galvanized layer before welding. In order to weld penetration,Precautions for Welding Galvanized Steel Pipe Articles the groove size should be 60~65°, and left 1.5~2.5mm gap. In order to reduce the penetration of zinc to the weld, the galvanized layer in the groove shoule be remove before welding to avoid air bubbles, trachoma, and false welding.


The welding rod should be selected according to the base material of the galvanized steel pipe. Generally, the selection of J422 is good choice for low-carbon steel pipe due to the ease of operation.


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